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Spike Lee Sued

You Did NOT Do the Right Thing

In George Zimmerman Case

11/11/2013 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spike Lee was so blinded by rage over George Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon Martin ... he tweeted the address of an elderly couple, believing it was Zimmerman's ... and they claim Spike put their lives in grave danger.

David and Elaine McClain claim in a new lawsuit Lee was so filled with hate he got the wrong address and carelessly threw it up online ... just days after the shooting.

In the lawsuit ... the McClains say they received numerous death threats and hate mail ... and feared for their lives as their address was re-Tweeted countless times.

The McClains say Lee's Tweet of their address encouraged "a dangerous mob mentality."  Now they want a lot more for their troubles and grief.



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This is hilarious. Pay Spike! You should learn that even if you got the address right doesn't mean you should risk other people's lives cause you're sad.

310 days ago

Mike C.    

Spike Lee, I hope they sue the H$LL out of you!!!
You are one racist B@stard. Your hate - filled attitude only re-affirms the very message you TRY to distance yourself from. GTH!!

310 days ago


Sue that MOFO

310 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

seriously, we need to start kicking people out the country. these folks have done lost their old cranky minds. no one gave a rat's stakn ass about these dumb people and their 'wrong address'. stop blowing your own "plight" out of proportion.

310 days ago


Hahahahah aha good **** spike lee he has sex with goats lol

310 days ago

-listen up-    

Spike, Very very sad that you cant control yourselfr

310 days ago


I hope they sue him for everything he has.

310 days ago


Tmz comments, the place where a lot of racist idiots hide behind a computer, and let the world know how racism still exist. ..smh

310 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I don't like this guy, Spike Lee. Anyone that would promote going after somebody's family because of a verdict rendered in a case, no matter who the case was about, ought to be punished for jeopardizing innocent lives. I believe these people have a lawsuit against him, but I'd rather see him punished by making him do community hours to knock off some of that unfounded arrogance.

310 days ago


Why now! Son must be broke

310 days ago


I love spoke lee, why not sue the white racist ted Cruz and gop for that 24 billion dollars? That's what's up!

310 days ago


Maybe Spike Lee should engage his brain instead of looking to start more trouble.Trayvon Martin was 17 YEARS OLD with a CELL PHONE,even a 5 year old knows enough to dial 911 for help,unless that 17 year old was looking for trouble.The STUPID remark,it had something to do with race,well,if it was blacks doing the robberies in the complex WHY would you not suspect a black.,Is that what you do when a suspended boy,is sent to DAD,and Dad lets the boy do what he wants so he can be with the girlfriend..Dad did not think anything of his son not comming home,knowing why he was suspended from school

310 days ago


This is one of the most frivolous lawsuits in the history of the Florida judicial system. First they settled the dispute with Spike Lee out of court and excepted the man's apology. Now they want to dun him of MORE money. Well, under the law of Florida, once you accept a settlement payment, you can not then turn around and run into court and sue on the same disputed claim. It doesn't work that way. If it did, it would frustrate settlements entered into by parties which the courts encourages. People, such as the McCains, could routinely enter into settlement agreements to settle claims and if they are not satisfied the could sue for MORE money. That's not how the law works. This suit will be dismissed for several reasons: FOR LACK OF PERSONAL JURISDCITION, RELEASE and ACCORD AND SATISFACTION...

And I'm sure that Spike Lee will DEFEND this suit without reservation. There has been no allegation that since they accepted the settlement that Spike Lee retweeted the address. They should have known that the address was all over the internet at the time they agreed to settle with the man and so they can not now complain that they continue to get hate mail, etc. If they were allowed to do that then they could sue Spike Lee for ever, over and over and over again. Just like if I go and get into a car accident with somebody and they get injured, once they settle they can't come back and try to DUN me of MORE money. It's plain and simple. There must be an end to frivolous claims such as this.

310 days ago


REALLY stupid of him. Putting people's lives at risk whether he knew who they were or not is STUPID. Secondly he's saying a jury was wrong and that he is right and he alone gets to decide. WRONG. You MUST honor what the jury said and GTF over it! And btw the jury was correct. The kid was not a child but a thug who misbehaved the entire time. His life was guarenteed to be over at some point.. we are probably fortunate he didn't kill anyone first

310 days ago


I'm so glad Spike has to answer for his careless and destructive actions. What he did was intended to harm someone- Zimmerman and his family and friends, he thought, and people uninvolved with Spike's rage became a target. The guy acts like a stupid 12 yr old. He should be held accountable,

309 days ago
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