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Monogamy is Stupid

11/12/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Akon believes the idea of a man having to bang one chick for all of eternity is ridiculous and not realistic -- and if women could just accept that, there would be far less domestic disputes.

Akon was at LAX yesterday when we talked about the pressures of being in a monogamous relationship.

"Women aren't built to mate with more than one party ... men are."

He adds, "As a male, we're natural breeders by nature" and women need to take more time to understand how men are built.

"At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can't even escape it if we wanted to."

However, that doesn't mean that men are incapable of being married -- ya gotta listen to Akon's philosophy.


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When he has to support 30 babies and their mamas, and end up broke. I bet he sings a different tune.

346 days ago


"Women aren't built to mate with more than one party ... men are." AHole!

346 days ago


I am an educated African and you are sure smoking something illegal. If my husband want another woman to join our marriage see ya.

346 days ago


I've seen quite a few episodes of Maury and Springer, the idea that a woman can't have multiple partners/baby daddies is ridiculous. If a guy is single and casually dating multiple partners then it's whateves, same for women. Men and woman play the field all the time and that's fine when your casually dating. But if you commit yourself to one person then you should try everything in your power to make it work. We are not animals and can control the base primal instinct to seek out multiple partners and procreate. I get what he meant to say, but it still comes off as ignorant and an excuse for people to cheat. It's also a slap to the face for the millions of people who stayed happily married for 40+ 50+ years because they got it right. Monogamous couples need to strive on finding a partner with whom they can truly connect with my not suddenly jumping into a relationship and marring each other a month later.

346 days ago


Don't be monogamous, if you don't want to. But be honest about it with the person your sleeping with and DON'T BREED !! I hope when he said "breeding" he just meant "sex" and not literally having babies with a bunch of women. Children need more than weekend visits when daddy comes over to bang mommy. Sleep with all the women you want, just don't get all of them pregnant. Oh yeah and good luck with that AIDS thing.

346 days ago


What an idiot. His father should've been castrated. This is type of guy that gives the human race a bad name. Just stupid.

346 days ago


You know men are always against monogamy when they want to band different chicks. But when their wife or girlfriend starts banging other dudes problems will occur. we practice monogamy not because it's natural. We practice it because jealousy occurs and we don't feelings to get hurt.

346 days ago


What a turd. Maybe he should be treated just like they do with bulls and steeds. Hobble them up in a dark barn and just bring them out for breeding. Sure would solve a lot of the world's problems.

346 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

His culture is differant that American culture, but his logic is silly. It is possible for men to exercise self control. He really believes that women are attracted to many men even though men are attracted to many women? It's called restraint and boundaries. But like I said he is of a differant culture.

346 days ago


so he's comparing himself to animals? there are reasons why we are humans. maybe he hasn't evolved yet. lets put him in a puppy mill, he can breed there, though he won't have a choice in who he breeds with... will that work for him?

346 days ago


Gee, I just can't figure out how there could possibly be a 72% out of wedlock birth rate in the black community.

346 days ago


LMAO I went to High School with Ali, and he couldn't get a date to save his life lol, this is so funny to me and now that he has money he does not believe in monogamy, what a joke. To me he will always be that dude begging for a date.

346 days ago


Akon is a MUSLIM. He wants a harem and to use women and then throw them away like an old dirty kleenex. This isn't the way we live here in the USA. We respect women or SHOULD. Google Akon. It will enlighten you greatly.

346 days ago


Tell em like it is Akon! Signed, Warren Jeffs

346 days ago

emma moon    

cheater cheater, pumpkin eater! I've never seen a cheater be so freaking proud for being a tool bag!

346 days ago
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