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Monogamy is Stupid

11/12/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Akon believes the idea of a man having to bang one chick for all of eternity is ridiculous and not realistic -- and if women could just accept that, there would be far less domestic disputes.

Akon was at LAX yesterday when we talked about the pressures of being in a monogamous relationship.

"Women aren't built to mate with more than one party ... men are."

He adds, "As a male, we're natural breeders by nature" and women need to take more time to understand how men are built.

"At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can't even escape it if we wanted to."

However, that doesn't mean that men are incapable of being married -- ya gotta listen to Akon's philosophy.


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Could you imagine if for one single second a WHITE CONSERVATIVE said that? Now it wouldn't happen in TV or film as they (conservatives) are banished from Hollywood anyway (because the self-proclaimed "tolerant party" liberals don't tolerate ANYONE disagreeing with their point of view and blackball and discriminate against anyone they don't like) but what if a republican politician said that - could you imagine the outcry and the pundits on cnn and msnbc feigning their phony outrage and yet nothing nothing nothing will be said about this by those same people who would be so dsgusted if someone else said it.

347 days ago


Coming from the man who has 6 children, if not more is LOL.

347 days ago


Akon is Africa its ok to have many wives..doesn't make it right but that's how he was raised...and he legally has multiple wives in Africa but has to be able to support them all financially and provide...

347 days ago


I love Akon. He is a god among men. Yes indeed. A swarthy king. Yup. Just plain mouthwatering. God knows, he's mouthwatering. Amen.

347 days ago


This idiot is Senegalese from West Africa I am sure with men like him in that country women are suffering tremendously. Unfortunately, many men in this country believe the same, women are held to a different standard and are given degrading names like wh*res, cougars, B***ches and so on. Yet a man who runs around making babies and doing whatever he wants is called a player even those who are over the hill are seen as playboys while women who are older with a younger man is considered a cougar why is that? The sad thing is many women embody these images and believe it is okay to be degraded we are held to a different standard than men. The truth is without us allowing it they would not be able to spread their seed. He needs a one way ticket back to his country and while he is at it take the idiots that feel the same way with him. Its not as if we needed another fool we have our own here.

347 days ago


Talk about sexist. I'm all for opening people's eyes for the possibility monogamy is not for everyone, but why do you have to put a patriarchal spin on it? Lame.

347 days ago


Why is it that every time we read anything about this clown it's always bad? This guy fits the stereotype that a lot of people think about black men.

347 days ago

anna mouse    

Silly argument against marriage. Worse when there are so many good reasons to not get married. Here is a list of the things I have seen people do in a divorce: destroyed car, pulled spouse's contents of storage unit out into the pouring rain and took pictures, dumping all belonging's, posting embarrassing pictures of ex online, and so on. Anyone thinking about getting married should watch, "War of the Roses."

344 days ago


The problem is society telling people they HAVE to be monogamous. If they aren't, then they must not love the partners. Total long as both parties are OK with sex outside the marriage, then more power to them. Marriage is defined by what the two married people make of it...not by what society tells them they have to do.

342 days ago


This man opinion is his opinion first of all he's Muslim so it's normal. They degrade women all the time. I'm glad he open his mouth and let his john do the talking because It really shows what kind of man he is. He is a sexiest pig and no wonder he's an advocate for aids it's his conscious talking. Monogamous will probably lower STD rates and child rate but every man for there own. It funny most men who need more then one women can't even please one lol. There will always be women who.accept this just like they will always be women who have pride and won't allow this because they don't really need a man but a partner.

260 days ago
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