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Brooke Mueller

On the House Hunt,

Leaving Charlie's Orbit

11/12/2013 6:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

8:50 AM PT
-- Sources close to Brooke tell us, Brooke is looking to move because she believes that's what the court wants. We're told Brooke is under the impression she can't live under the same roof as her children -- and when her brother Scott moves in today with the twins, she feels she's required to find another place to live full-time until her custody rights are fully restored.

Brooke Mueller
seems to be subscribing to the adage, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," because she's got her sights set on moving out of Charlie Sheen's neighborhood.

Brooke was shopping for condos in Bev Hills Monday ... just a day before twins Bob and Max will be living with her full-time, under the watchful eye of Brooke's brother Scott.

Here's what's interesting.  Brooke has been living in a house Charlie bought just blocks from where he lives.  Things have gotten so bad between the 2, Charlie has been making noises that she's becoming persona non grata, so condo shopping is not surprising.

As for who will end up paying for the condo ... it's likely good ol' Charlie will end up footing the bill.  Brooke's child support was sliced in half after losing custody, but now that the kids will be living with her full-time, it's a safe bet Charlie will have to ante up $55k a month, just like in the good ol' days.



No Avatar


This chic gets free pass after free pass.its unbelievable.

354 days ago


I'm sure now that she has her income ( I mean kids) back she's ready for a new house, and resuming her drug fueled lifestyle.

354 days ago


Leaving Charlie's Orbit . . . but being captured in another Orbit around that fat massive thing at the right of her.

354 days ago


Good move on her part -

"Place distance between self and warring party."

Me I recommend going at LEAST 3,000 miles -

Plus I can't afford B.H.

354 days ago


Um she gets a free pass? He's always drunk and whoring around and y'all talk about him like he's a saint. Its not her fault he's an idiot and didn't sign a prenup or keep his dick in his pants. His decision, not just hers.

354 days ago


once the cash is back so will the adderall and she'll attack somebody, then it's another vacation @ rehab, eh husk?

354 days ago


I just want to know what does 2 children need $55K a month for? I think that the child support should be put in a court controlled bank account and when she needs money, she has to show what she needs it for so they know she isn't spending it on foolishness. My friend has to do that with her disabled son, the court controls that money so this way the parents dont spend it on themselves! I think all child support for the Rich or the girls who think its cool to bang a famous guy for his money. It doesn't take that much a month to raise a child....give me a break Brooke....Charlie I hope you are looking at this LOL

354 days ago


The Condo will make a great new crack den for Brooke

354 days ago


She's better than Charlie! He's a druggie whore. Makes Tom Cruise look like Mike Brady.

354 days ago


How do these people live with themselves?

354 days ago


wasnt the reason brooke's brother moved in with her so the boys could stay in the same school? moving neighborhoods/school districts isnt in the boys best interests

354 days ago


Too bad the judge and DCFS/CPS have egg on their faces and just want to punish Charlie Sheen. Custody given to the money grubbing brother (IN NAME ONLY) and so as not to uproot the children and make them change schools they all stay in that house. Now, she can do anything she wants and the ******** judge just keeps signing off and approving this cheap trick's antics. *SMFH*

354 days ago


Does Charlie own the house or is in Brooke's name? If Charlie owns the house how she going to get the down payment to pay for a house or condo in Beverly Hills? Maybe if she really wants to get away from Charlie she should move to Sherman Oaks or Encino, Ca. but she needs Charlie's money. If I was Charlie I would quit paying her such a large amount of money also I would go to court and fight Brooke tooth and nail. But let your attorney talk for you as Charlie your mouth is a danger point. Your father Martin Sheen and your mother should fight for the twins. Charlie will is your legal team did the walk out on you? I can't understand what in the hell is going on with you.

354 days ago


if she REALLY cares about those boys and her sobriety, she'll move OUT of BH to a nice, calm small town (that's doing well, not a dive that's full of unemployed druggies) away from the paps. She can work on being a MOM. W/55k a month coming in, she'll never have to work again. She can join pta, etc and be involved in her kids' lives.

Methinks that's not what she wants, though. Her kids aren't worth THAT much to her, since she's getting hte paycheck and all.

354 days ago

Linda Petrou    

I still wonder how long she will remain sober. She does not have a good track records and I really fear for the kids. If they are violent and acting out and she does not want them to get help then they will just get worse.

354 days ago
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