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Terrence Howard

Tom Cruise Is Right

War & Movies Are Hell

11/12/2013 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard says Tom Cruise was dead-on -- making movies IS like fighting in combat.

Pretty amazing .... while Tom Cruise's people waged their own war to torpedo stories that Tom compared acting to fighting in Afghanistan ... Terrence embraced the analogy.

We broke the story about Tom's deposition transcript, in which he does compare the two.  As we reported, we have now seen Tom's deposition video -- at first he buys into the analogy in a macho sort of way, but then squarely dismisses it after seeing that the opposing lawyer had set a trap.

So check out why Terrence thinks Acting and Afghanistan have more in common than the A.


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This bag of **** needs to shut his hole and go back into hiding. Just what we need, a wife beater backing up a fruity scientologist. Oh GOODEH...

343 days ago

Cool Papa    

Hopefully all brave soldiers and veterans will think twice about seeing this idiot's new movie The Best Man Holiday.

343 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

what a fool to jump on Toms stupid sinking ship.
I think theres some actors that would like to serve a term to feel what its really like

343 days ago


Depending on the movie, its an understandable sentiment. Directors do however many takes it takes to get a scene right and when actors are doing an action scene, its gotta be hell on the body. And if they have a director like how Kubrick was, doing stuff like 60-70 takes per scene just cause they're perfectionists, its gotta be miserable

343 days ago


These Hollywood weirdos think they have such tough jobs. I call bulls4*t on it. I'd rather have their jobs and make their money. You get to travel the world, meet interesting people, go to parties, and have the world gravel at your feet for some reason. Being a soldier is truely the harder job. I would never be able to handle it. You risk your life, don't make much money, don't really have anything fancy to wear, and death is at your door at any time. Hmmm. Which is really the harder job Mr. Howard & Mr. Cruise? Two untalented, overrated actors. One beats his wife and the other is a hidden gay man.

343 days ago


Anyone who's worked on set for film and says it's like war...... You've been in the BUBBLE Toooooo long and you need a REALITY check.
Worse thing about filming is, 'Hurry Up and... Wait'
For 'Above the Line' people.....
Get picked up and driven everywhere, every creature comfort possible is afforded, below the line works hours in the cold, wet & heat while above the line get called out 'only' when ready, scurried back to their trailers (Mini McMansions for some), and have portable heaters, coolers, people holding umbrella's on and on and on.

So these 'PRIMA DONNA' actors who complain about working 16 hour days (again, in their trailers or hotel room with all the comforts needed and more until picture time) are full of it.
They get to sit in comfort and nap, play around whatever until it's 'their' time.
I Luv the industry EXCEPT for the backstabbing, lies, phoniness, selfishness and with many....
Loss of REALITY.

343 days ago


Comparing making a movie to fighting in a war is completely insane. And a huge insult to our armed forces. Big difference between fake guns and bombs being fired at you to real ones. What an idiot.

343 days ago


These Hollywood clowns would wet their pants in real combat. Stop feeding their bank accounts, boycott their crash movies.

343 days ago


So terrie is a special friend of tommies? Boys gotta stick together.... Reeeeeally stick together

343 days ago


Silly actors

343 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

But TMZ said Tom Cruise never said that after TMZ said... Tom Cruise said that.

343 days ago


Unfortunately, we pay these d-bags (Cruise, Howard & the like) millions of dollars for pretending to be heroes, but pay the real heroes pittance.

343 days ago


Ah jeez. Stop comparing acting to fighting in WARS!...You big dummies.

343 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Oh and Terrence, every time you talk lately, you get slammed so maybe for now, it's time to... PIE YOUR SHUT HOLE.

343 days ago



343 days ago
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