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Kim K. & Kanye

When Giant Mansions

Get Too Damn Small

11/13/2013 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West have it rough -- their giant Bel-Air mansion just isn't enough house for 'em. So, they're looking into a much bigger, fancier ... mound of dirt.

We suspect a house with a moat and drawbridge might be built on the dirt eventually.



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More money than brains, class, or common sense--both of them. AND they're fugly. That poor baby doesn't stand a chance.

308 days ago


I'm a capitalist but their behavior/spending sickens me.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

308 days ago


They don't need a bigger home... They will never live together.

308 days ago


Anyone who thinks Kanye and Kim are doing this for privacy has rocks in their head - they are totally about getting attention - that's all they live for - there is no one on this planet as sickening as these two morons.

308 days ago


They need a place big enough to fit their massive egos and her huge ass.

308 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

looks like they just flattened the tip of a hill and pushed the dirt all to the right side. With a little help from god maybe they'll buy that place. Get a little earthquake and down tumbling they come baby and all.
And boy are the people at the bottom of their driveway gonna be pissed at all the hours the Trashians call the pap over to film them.

308 days ago


Hahahahaha, yea, a moat and a drawbridge !!!

Only to be let down when they want to show off their self-absorbed vain selfs , and earn money by ripping off the Americsn people with their phony scripted reality show !!!

Fall of the face of the Earth

308 days ago


They will be the "fool on the hill"

Kanye and Kim are trying to be the new power couple, pushing out Beyonce and JayZ-

But, they don't have a chance in hell, because they are sooooooo hated by people !!!

Both are GOING DOWN , will love to watch it happen

308 days ago


How about a remote island? Very remote. For the whole family.

308 days ago

Ms, Purple    

If the photogs would stop trespassing on the families private property they wouldn't need to be on a hilltop alone. They have a child to protect.

307 days ago

Ozzie X    

so does this mean her arse is getting her own zip code? Along with Kanye's ego?

307 days ago


Get your popcorn out ….what a show. Kanye is "proving" to the world he is the greatest rapper, designer, and co-partner of the world's biggest mega star couple….millions of dollars to show their engagement, millions on a wedding, millions on a house….and then they IMPLODE and turn on each other.

307 days ago

Ozzie X    

TMZ in 15 years, they will be on their motorized old people scooters and no one will care and zip around their large home property and never have a legacy. They never did anything to be written in history.

307 days ago


baloney rehashed story over and over... NOTHING they say is ever true.... everyone knows that

307 days ago

Jocelyn Lynette Watson     

I don't care to hear about "celebrities" with NO talent who get insanely rich for "accidentally" having a sex tape leaked cuz the bitch can't keep her legs shut OR about one of the most narcissistic, talentless "musicians", lol, who thinks he has the right to run on stage & take the microphone out of a little girl's hand (as if anyone cares what he thinks). Ugh, reality TV & "celebrities" famous for being sluts. It's why I stopped watching TV the E! Channel a LONG time ago & I still can't avoid the f***ing Kardashians!!! I hope Kim & Kanye go bankrupt & people stop watching their shows, buying their products, listening to Kanye's "music", etc. so they lose everything & have to get real jobs & see what it's like to have to REALLY work instead of being a talentless slut famous for her name & a conceited "rapper" who doesn't even make his own music. PLEASE STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO SO THEY'LL JUST DISAPPEAR!!!

307 days ago
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