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'Treme' Star

Sues Macy's for Racial Profiling

11/13/2013 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Treme" star Robert Brown has just sued Macy's in NYC for racial profiling ... TMZ has learned.

The HBO star says last June he went to Macy's flagship store in Herald Square in NYC to buy his mom a fancy watch as a graduation present.

Brown says after purchasing the $1,300 Movado timepiece, he went on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses when he was stopped in the middle of the store by 3 white guys who he believes were NYPD cops.

Brown claims the officers began to "publicly and falsely" accuse him of committing credit card fraud.  He says he was then cuffed and paraded around the store "like an already convicted common criminal."

Brown says he was then thrown into a holding cell and berated for an hour.

When cops realized who he was, Brown says he was released.  And, Brown claims, cops then tried to whitewash the situation by offering to give him a police escort to his mom's graduation.

Brown says this has been a big problem with Macy's so he's filed it as a class action lawsuit.


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Black Adam    

Liar. He would have a sales receipt, and a credit card with his name on it. I'm starting to get sick of Black people today throwing around racism for personal gain. It is an insult to the ones who were beaten,maimed, then hung, burning alive. I'm an African American, and I would definitely drop him off in Klan country, so he can see what Racism really is.

344 days ago


I am white as white can be and it happened to me at Target. I purchased a punch of items and when I left the store security grabbed me and held me against my will. They would not call the police unless I admitted to stealing. It took them an hour to call the police. Guess what the security was wrong and I had receipt for everything. Target settled out of court very fast for a large sum of money that all went to charity,

I have do***ented the behind the scene at that macy's store, they have the heist theft rate of any store in the US, but it no excuse to have poorly trained security. They even have a NYPD jail sell in the store.

344 days ago


So the story implies he was stopped because he bought a 1300.00 watch with a credit card... And he was black. I might buy this story if it wasn't NYC, but let's face it, NYC is the most ethnically diverse city we have in America. If they stopped everyone of color JUST because of color they'd be very busy. Was it racism? I don't know but neither does anyone but the people who stopped this guy. Having been associated with security in places like Macy's the story is highly suspect.

344 days ago


it makes me absolutely sick that people judge others just by the color of their skin. I'm so sorry that anyone has to go through that. @ firebaby - im so sorry people are so da*n ignorant!

344 days ago


This sounds TERRIBLE how can Macy's permit this type of intimidation and harassment of it's customer's.

344 days ago


Please don't call a 1,300 dollar Movado a 'fancy watch' or a 'timepiece' its offensive to real watches.

344 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Thank you brother. God, I can't tell you how many times I've been shopping and followed around. I can't tell you how many times I've been on a date and been profiled because the guy I was seeing had a nice luxury car... sick of this ****. Black people have money too!

344 days ago

Multiple Scorgasms    


344 days ago


I find this hard to believe. I know racism still exists in America, but if his credit card went through, and the transaction was complete, what ground would they possible have to question and detain him? Maybe as a white person I am just super naive, but how can they possibly do this unless the card is declined or the card has a reported fraud flag, or something like that? Unless it is just blatant profiling, which it may be, there has to be something more. I think Macy's is OK, but here is Florida, we have a department store called Dilliards which I like a lot more. It carries basically the same stuff, it is just a much nicer store in the way it is layed out and the feel of the store. Just sayin'.

344 days ago


Who is this guy? I've never heard of him.

344 days ago


Who is he dont know just because you are on tv doed not make you a big star

344 days ago

John J. Nazarian, P.I.    

RIGHT ON!!!!! What a bunch of horse crap! They realized that 'oops' moment and then tried to fix it! Go for it....MACYS aint what it once was!

344 days ago


Good for him. It happens all the time. Just because we have a black president, people want to act like racism no longer exists. Profiling still exists. Just ask treyvon martins parents.

344 days ago

Golden Boy    

They want NYC to be a whites only city. Black people should go to ATL mostly everything is black owned. You can walk in all the big name brand stores you want and you won't be treated like ****. Even the ****ing million dollar condos have black doorman and black receptionist.

344 days ago


Guess I'll get my dislikes up. If some of you think that blacks and white are treated the same in this country then you are greatly mistaken. Our schools are not the same, our services are not the same. Take the blindfolds off if you think that they are treated the same. Yes, it maybe so that whites are stopped in the stores as well ,but not close to that of blacks. Don't bring up data cause trust me you don't need it on this. I'm sure it's close to the stop and frisk data.

344 days ago
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