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'Treme' Star

Sues Macy's for Racial Profiling

11/13/2013 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Treme" star Robert Brown has just sued Macy's in NYC for racial profiling ... TMZ has learned.

The HBO star says last June he went to Macy's flagship store in Herald Square in NYC to buy his mom a fancy watch as a graduation present.

Brown says after purchasing the $1,300 Movado timepiece, he went on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses when he was stopped in the middle of the store by 3 white guys who he believes were NYPD cops.

Brown claims the officers began to "publicly and falsely" accuse him of committing credit card fraud.  He says he was then cuffed and paraded around the store "like an already convicted common criminal."

Brown says he was then thrown into a holding cell and berated for an hour.

When cops realized who he was, Brown says he was released.  And, Brown claims, cops then tried to whitewash the situation by offering to give him a police escort to his mom's graduation.

Brown says this has been a big problem with Macy's so he's filed it as a class action lawsuit.


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Just My Opinion    

Sad that the blacks make a bigger deal out of it than a white person does. They get stop in stores too, and even had their bags search through, and yet they do not go to the trouble of suing. SO, since you think it is a race issue, I guess you see nothing in seeing the same thing that happened to you happen to a white person. Your reaction to it most likely would be..they're only doing their job.

I wonder what the blacks really want, for the police to close their eyes to those of them that do steal things,and then they will be happy? Hard to do that, because in every race, there will be someone that will or has stolen something.

352 days ago



352 days ago

Just My Opinion    

A person of ANY RACE can and do steal things.
Not just the black people.

The true meaning of the N word:

A person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

352 days ago


This is why I buy all my clothes except shoes from walmart. I also use the self checkout so the cashiers can rest.

352 days ago


I guess Macy's hasn't figured out that black people have money too. What a disgrace.

352 days ago


So glad that he is doing that it needs to stop .

352 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You can't really blame Macy's can you if your people's are the one's committing the crime that's forcing the loss prevention team to get paranoid at every black folk that walk through the door and used a credit card. Can you? Take for example where I live... Everyday there is at least one black person getting caught trying to steal at the local Wal Mart that I shop at and the person working the security is a black dude that's doing all the wrangling. If you ask me that's embarrassing for him to have to do that everyday on his shift when he's trying to change the outlook of his people and his people keeps bringing him down to their level in other peoples eyes.

352 days ago


If this is indeed true, then he should sue!

352 days ago


damn crackers wait is that a double standard

352 days ago


I work at Macys ... trust me when I say the racial profiling here is true.

352 days ago


I believe him 100% because this has happened to me. I was stopped at Macys by loss prevention and they told me to come with them so they can retrieve "stolen" merchandise. I told them I paid for everything and they must have the wrong person. They escorted me like a criminal to the back room and searched my bags, purse and asked if I hid anything under my jacket. I took off my jacket and showed them I had nothing. At this point they already called the police and when the officer arrived she searched everything I had and found nothing, everything I had was on the receipt. They offered absolutely no apology and just said "you're free to go" I was young and dumb and the situation scared me so much I never thought to sue. I wish I did but I'm glad the word is out there that they profile. I'm black and I've worked retail. I am aware that yes, ghetto black people like to steal **** but I can't count how many times I've caught a pregnant woman stealing or a little old white lady stealing. You can't profile. Theives come in all shapes and sizes.

352 days ago


Maybe if he wins he can buy a few tubes of Chapstick..

352 days ago


Good for him because that is pure B.S.!

352 days ago


I would have done the same , hope he wins !

352 days ago


I saw Tawana Brawley lurking in the lingerie department carrying a Barneys bag.

352 days ago
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