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Jameis Winston

Signs Cops Covered Up Sexual Assault Allegations

11/14/2013 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's evidence Tallahassee cops tried to sweep the sexual assault investigation targeting Florida State University QB Jameis Winston under the rug to protect the team and its star player ... and ONLY took aggressive steps after TMZ Sports started asking questions.

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us they never even knew about the investigation until Tuesday ... JUST ONE DAY AFTER TMZ Sports began making calls to cops about the alleged assault.

Our sources in the State Attorney's Office say ... it was highly unusual cops wouldn't have filled them in about the case until this week.  The sources say cops would have typically notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston's lawyer reportedly says cops told him it was completed in February.

Now get this ... TMZ Sports started calling police about the case on Monday.  We were told someone would get back to us later that day, but there was radio silence for 2 days ... we made repeated calls Tuesday and Wednesday and no one got back to us until late Wednesday afternoon. 

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us ... the timing -- getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed and just a day after TMZ started calling -- is suspicious.

The State Attorney has now re-activated the case and sent it back to cops for further investigation.

And there's a twist -- guess what would happen if Winston was even CHARGED with felony sexual assault -- under FSU's rules ... he would be AUTOMATICALLY BENCHED ... killing the team's national championship hopes and his Heisman Trophy chances.


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Andy Livingston    

I wonder what is the highest-penalty crime that Winston can be charged with by the D.A. that _doesn't_ run afoul of either FSU's or the NCAA's rules and regulations?

If the cops were in the bag for the Seminoles, what makes you think the state's attorney's office won't be made to play along?

I think that we'll soon find that Winston is being charged with something like "conduct unbecoming a professional football player" and sentenced to 90 days of probation to be served after he wins a bowl game for FSU.

352 days ago


The fact that TMZ has a sports section is absolutely ridiculous. Stick to what you're "good" at. I highly doubt the cops would cover this up for a red shirt freshman. Entering this season, there was a three way battle for the QB position.

352 days ago


Anyone at TMZ care to explain a few contradictions in their intentionally misleading report...

1) The police report says that the suspect is between 5'7" and 5'11" and approx. 240 lbs.

2) Jameis Winston is 6'4" and 230 lbs. 5 inches taller and 10 lbs lighter, is a completely different build of a person

3)Also, the police report says the suspect had straight black hair. A look at the picture you (TMZ) posted would indicate that his hair is actually curly.

I get that you are a gossip site and profit in sensationalizing stories, but you shouldn't intentionally be misleading and dirty this young man's name for a few extra web hits.

Also, if the police investigate an alleged crime and do not find that there is enough evidence to identify a suspect to arrest and possibly prosecute. Why would they give that case to the State Attorney's Office?

352 days ago

fuck TMZ    

Keep it trying to ruin a young kids life TMZ. If I didn't need FSU or the single most over-rated college football team of all time to lose so my team could get in I wouldn't give a flying ****. As is, TMZ needs to dig up everything including his involvement in this matter within the next 4 weeks. you can do it, Judge Judy's bitch

352 days ago


OMG! I HATE the Florida state Criminoles! Would you TMZrs. leave this guy alone. You are trying to make a story out of something that isn't one. Get a life Harvey Levinson! Kimye must be idle.......

352 days ago


why don't you guys stick to spoiled actresses getting dui's

352 days ago

The Real     

Where is all this coming from of a sudden? I will NOT believe any of this about Winston until that is answered.

352 days ago


So you can pick on a black kid from Tallahassee, but the leader of the free world has more skeletons in his closet than a haunted house and you look the other way. Kinda biased ? don't you think?

352 days ago


Folks. 1). He was a true freshman last year. 2). He is a beast on the mound with a 95 mph heater and a cannon from the outfield and a bat. This wasn't JUST about football.

352 days ago


TMZ has a Stanford Grad. on staff

352 days ago


Why did this apparent frustrated victim never never never ever make a simple call to the local prosecutors office and say " why is Jamie's winston not being charged with assault??? Just as curious about that as I am about tally pd. it goes both ways. By the way sexual assault doesn't always mean penetration.

352 days ago

I am Spartacus    

TMZ has proved nothing. Kid is the Heisman front runner & team is in the National Championship hunt now that Oregon lost so all the sudden a case that was closed is back open because of TMZ.

352 days ago


Every source besides s*** bag TMZ says that there was never sufficient evidence to support this claim. And that is why it has never made it to the State Attorney, why no arrest was ever made, etc. Why TMZ continues to blast this story is ridiculous and defamatory at best. Luckily, REAL NEWS agencies have stayed away from this bogus BS. Until he is charged or EVEN questioned for that matter this needs to be put to bed. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH TMZ and have since deleted the app.

352 days ago


TMZ just jumped the shark.. now claiming conspiracy theory to cover their ass.. classic!!!

352 days ago

the real deal    

where is this coming from all of a sudden?

352 days ago
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