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Mark Wahlberg

I Love Tom Cruise

But He Needs to Shut Up

11/14/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg says he wasn't specifically targeting Tom Cruise when he railed on actors who compare their jobs to soldiers at war -- but he STILL thinks Tom needs to shut the hell up.

Wahlberg -- who was tooling around L.A. Wednesday -- said he wasn't aware Tom was the one who made the actor-soldier comparison when he blasted actors who dared feel that way at the AFI Fest Tuesday night.  Wahlberg says he's a huge Cruise fan and meant no disrespect.

But Wahlberg made it clear -- any comparison is B.S.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Check the video.

Get this ... on the red carpet at the AFI Fest ... Mark clearly knew about Tom's depo, saying "An actor recently just said his job was almost as important or as difficult as someone in the military ... Not Cool."




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How soon we forget Mark Wahlberg your error the beginning of the year when you said if you were there during the terrorist attack of 9/11/01, you would have fought back. And how you had to eat your words later. Don't throw stones. Tom Cruise after 9/11/01 and going forward, open clinics for ALL who inhale the toxic dust and needed health help. Where was Mark. Tom's court statement was taken out of context Mark. He was saying sometimes it FEELS like deployment being away from your loved ones because you must to away to do your job. That's all. And you call yourself a Christian Mark? Note every other word out of your mouth was laced with curses. All I heard was bleet, bleet bleet as you spoke.

306 days ago


This sounds like a bunch of b.s. but actors do have to realize that they shouldn't compare their posh lives to those doing real jobs in this country.

306 days ago


Cruise can't shut up, he is a narcissist. It's ALL about him......

306 days ago


Does NO ONE at TMZ see that Wahlberg is promoting his military film "Lone Survivor"?!?!?! Please!!!

306 days ago


OMG! he didn't have the backbone to back up what he said. He had to know who said it. Mark Wahlberg has forgotten he also put his foot in his mouth. I think he has forgotten the comment he made about the 911 pilots. He should have said sorry. Also he curses too much, does he use that same language with his kids?

306 days ago


I love this man!

306 days ago

mo's hard taking all that dough to the bank...certainly as hard as our troops are dealing with in the wars...eating C-Rats/MRE's, sleeping in crap zones and dodging bullets and bombs...wut a wuss Cruise is...

306 days ago


Cruise was a captain in Sea Org, including hot pants

306 days ago

A viewer    

What a wimp - he calls another wimp out on an outlandish, crazy comparison, then backs off after being called on it. This guy is pathetic.

306 days ago


Mark needs to shut up as well.

306 days ago


wasn't the whole comparison about how spending long stretches of time away from your kids is difficult, and not actually anything about being a hero or fighting for your country? also, wasn't Wahlberg the guy that said he could take out plane hijackers more successfully than the people who actually died doing so?

306 days ago


He's a fine one to talk...

306 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

considering Tom NEVER SAID HIS JOB WAS LIKE A SOLDIER BEING AWAY AT WAR, this whole "story" doesn't make sense.

Tom never said this as TMZ already reported yet for some reason your ignoring your own facts...THE LAWYER MADE THE COMPARISON, Tom answered his question but he absolutely NEVER SAID that making movies was like going off to war.

It'd be nice if people would get off Tom's d*ck and let the man breathe...even when he doesn't do anything wrong people try to pile on with lies as though no one has anything better to do.

Shame on TMZ for perpetuating this bold faced lie even more and for not correcting Wahlberg who is clearly ignorant of the facts.

306 days ago


He peed on himself.. Big ole tuff Guy what you Scared of Cruise, Come on.

306 days ago


Hey at least Tom Cruise never blinded a man because he was Vietnamese, or beat kids because they were black calling them "N" as he did so. Who did those things? Mark Wahlberg.

305 days ago
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