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Simon Cowell Warned Off

In Baby Mama's Divorce

11/14/2013 9:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Simon Cowell's name is all over the divorce of his baby mama Lauren Silverman -- a clear sign there's still really bad blood between Simon and his ex-pal Andrew Silverman. Can they bury the hatchet for their kid's sakes? Should they?

Plus, Mark Wahlberg softens his attack on Tom Cruise for comparing acting to fighting the war in Afghanistan ... and claims he wasn't specifically ranting against Tom. So, why the change of heart? Is Tom that powerful?

And, Andy Kaufman is alive!!! IF you believe the woman who claims to be his daughter ... and says he's A-OK and just keeping it on the low. You believe her?



(0:00) Simon Cowell can't go near his baby mama's other kid -- or her baby daddy will have their hides. In a nutshell ... it means war.
(6:00) Mark Wahlberg says he didn't know Tom Cruise was the actor who compared their job to being a soldier ... you buying what he's selling?
(10:00) Andy Kaufman is alive!!! IF you believe a lady who claims to be his daughter. We talk to a comedian who witnessed her revelation ... real or not.
(14:00) Zac Efron -- there was no 911 call made after he broke his jaw ... another sign there's something missing from his story?
(18:00) Joey Lawrence joins us -- after the Olsen twins raised a huge debate about how rich, successful, young actors still need to go to college.
(24:00) Justin Bieber -- desecrating the Argentine flag ... or just ridding the stage of terrible crap his fans were tossing from the crowd?
(29:00) Brooke Mueller's waging a war on two fronts now -- one with Charlie Sheen ... and the other with her former nanny who's suing the pants off of her.
(32:00) Miley Cyrus says she's the biggest feminist in the world -- and some people actually agree with her. Well, at least one person does.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected pitches of the week!

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Harvey couldn't be more correct about defending Miley (sp?) Cyrus being a 'modern day' feminist. I was born in the 50's and grew up during, pretty much, the birth of feminism, burning bras, abortion rights fight etc. and Miley sort of represents a modern day form of this in her actions.
She is defiant and somewhat trail blazing her way into the news/future and backing it up with a good voice. I think defiance is the key word here as it was back then. That being said, I'm still that little girl from the 50's and as much as Elvis insulted our parents, she sort of insults me with her antics.
I don't believe that she will climb to Elvis status, but back then I wouldn't have believed that I could watch a live feed of TMZ on a hand held device and express my opinion about a young women shaking her butt and sticking her tongue out every time a camera is pointed at her. Love you TMZ

344 days ago

universal doll    

Regarding Milley Cyrus as a feminist: She's playin' the game workin' the system. If you do not like the way the game is set up for females change the rules. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

343 days ago


Andrew is going to be making a fortune from Simon for there will be time he and their kid cross paths like when the baby is born and he is seeing him. Andy Kaufman is laughing right now in heaven that his last ulimate trick now is bearing fruit. for he proably had every thing arranged before his death. for if he were alive he would wind up in proably legal trouble for faking his death

341 days ago
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