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Alec Baldwin

Bangs into Car, Chews Out Reporter

11/15/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin
just got into his THIRD angry confrontation today -- screaming at a female reporter, demanding cops arrest her ... and then hitting a parked car while trying to drive away.

It's unclear exactly what set off Alec this time -- but his car was surrounded by reporters and photographers ... and he yells, "F**k you" to one reporter as he storms away and jumps in his car.  

Watch the clip -- after the accident ... Alec wants cops to arrest the reporter he's got the beef with, but as far as we know no one was arrested.

This is getting crazy.

12:15 PM PT -- Now we know why Alec went after the reporter ... his wife, Hilaria, dropped a dime. Watch this clip from FOX5 in NYC, at the very beginning you hear Hilaria say, "That's the one that almost hit me" -- and then Alec goes off.


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These paps are thick a**holes and should leave Alec alone. Hasn't he made it clear
he doesn't want you near him. I think I would be pissed off too if I had them up my ass time I'm out. Alec is a loose cannon and one day he is really going to hurt you aggressive jerks. If you really must take his picture, take it from a safe distance. Isn't that what zoom lenses were made for???

309 days ago


hahahaaa!! keep em coming, this sh*t's too funny!!

309 days ago

Dave the Canuck    

That fat ass punk Baldwin plays it's so tough when the cameras and his security is around. Can't wait for the day somebody lays this prick out!

309 days ago


This is getting old. He needs to calm his ass down.

309 days ago


If I didn't know any better, that's leaving a scene of an accident! If it was you or me, the cops standing around would be fining our asses!

309 days ago


Where's Batkid when you need him.

Team ALEC!!!

309 days ago


people who judge him need to try living his life being ounded and provoked by nasty packs of Paps everyday. Ive seen them operate in real life and they can be incredibly rude and obnoxious. Its not easy to bite your tongue when theyre harrassing you.

309 days ago


Leave that poor old guy alone!

309 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

His ugly wife Hilarious sounds like she needs a smack in the face, just like he does. Two morons who deserve to be miserable together ha ha.

309 days ago


Paps are out-of-control and the cops should have dispersed them.

309 days ago


WHY is this ******* still LOOSE? He should be in rehab with Chris Brown and Charlie Sheehan and all the other loose cannons out there! Can you imagine them ALL in ONE room/location! THAT would BE a REALITY SHOW!

309 days ago


What an a$$hole.

309 days ago


Isn't the REAL story that he has a wife named 'Hilaria'??

309 days ago


Since when does TMZ get to take the moral high ground? They hire cameramen to follow people around and videotape/harass them and their families, then make fun of them with that dumb high pitched voice over guy. I like TMZ, but stop trying to take the moral high ground, you guys are trash entertainment. Harvey Levin produces trash. It's entertaining mindless lowbrow garbage, so stop trying to pretend you guys are better than that.

309 days ago


Someone is gonna end up dead behind all this and you can bet people still won't be satisfied.

309 days ago
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