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Alec Baldwin

Bangs into Car, Chews Out Reporter

11/15/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin
just got into his THIRD angry confrontation today -- screaming at a female reporter, demanding cops arrest her ... and then hitting a parked car while trying to drive away.

It's unclear exactly what set off Alec this time -- but his car was surrounded by reporters and photographers ... and he yells, "F**k you" to one reporter as he storms away and jumps in his car.  

Watch the clip -- after the accident ... Alec wants cops to arrest the reporter he's got the beef with, but as far as we know no one was arrested.

This is getting crazy.

12:15 PM PT -- Now we know why Alec went after the reporter ... his wife, Hilaria, dropped a dime. Watch this clip from FOX5 in NYC, at the very beginning you hear Hilaria say, "That's the one that almost hit me" -- and then Alec goes off.


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the wife says "thats the one that ALMOST hit me" and then Alec, the homophobic liar, tells the cop he wants to file charges because the reporter assaulted his wife. He tried to TRUMP up charges against this reporter. THAT IS A BIG DEAL. REALLY shows how he goes after innocent people. HE's a liar and a bad person.

341 days ago


The dysfunctional man acted on a COMPLAINT from his ENABLER WIFE who is now contributing to his negative symptoms and self-destructive behavior and VERBALLY ATTACKED that woman than went crashing into things and COULD HAVE HIT OR KILLED someone. Now it's TWO people to watch out for !!

341 days ago

Just My Opinion    

The dude needs to stay indoors a little bit more. Th dude looks like he could lose it big time at any minute. What Mel Gibson said on those tapes doesn't scare me half as much as this lose canon does.
Mel doesn't go around every day acting like this guy does.

341 days ago


It looks like a hit and run that Alec should be arrested for. It doesn't matter he told the guy to send him the bill when he probably doesn't have his address and that the guy said nevermind when he asked if he had a pen. I believe it is still a hit and run to not exchange information. NYPD sucks for letting him get away with that. He kept driving BEFORE he asked if the guy had pen and the NYPD were not stopping him! If it was anyone else they would have made him out of the car and arrested him for trying to drive away! He also should have been arrested for threatening phtogs three times in one day!

341 days ago


It is disgusting & infuriating how the paparazzi taunt and traumatize celebrities. Mr Baldwin & his wife just had a stressful week in court & to be hounded by these vultures (the paparazzi) just so they (the paparazzi) can make a quick buck. Is this what our society is becoming, no matter who gets hurt we invade people's privacy? To the "paparazzi" especially the woman that Mr Baldwin was referring too you are the lowest human ever.

341 days ago


Hilaria is so stupid that she doesn't understand that she should not egg on her crazy, volatile husband by saying that reporter ALMOST hit her. If she keeps doing that Alec will hit someone, even a woman, and he will be arrested!

341 days ago

Just My Opinion    

A dime "almost"hits her? And that is enough for him to go off?
A dime is the smallest of the coins. You would think she whaled a silver dollar coin at her head, and it hit her in the eye, the way the dude reacted.

341 days ago


Alec is losing his mind & that wife of his isn't helping. Has he tried Anger management rehab?

341 days ago


I have Miami Blues on DVD and I have watched in 745 times - I actually just watch the pawnshop scene over and over.

Having said that, Alec needs to accept the reality he can no longer live "amidst" the common folk and move out to that gated compound in the Hamptons and just commute.

341 days ago


Why doesn't he doesn't do something with that gray hair?

341 days ago


This idiot and his wife are out of control. Just go away.

341 days ago


Wow Alec is really acting crazy. A part of me feels bad for the guy. The paps should really back off...They are constantly in people's faces. I really don't blame Alec for getting upset, especially when his family is involved..

341 days ago


Is he acting or what?

341 days ago


Honestly, Alec's wife is made of sugar that she has to point out the one who "almost" hit her. If her stupid husband would stop behaving like a baffoon maybe this **** wouldn't happen. Wifey should be more tolerant after all she is married to this man.

341 days ago


I bet his ex Kim is looking at this and laughing:-P

341 days ago
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