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Alec Baldwin

Bangs into Car, Chews Out Reporter

11/15/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin
just got into his THIRD angry confrontation today -- screaming at a female reporter, demanding cops arrest her ... and then hitting a parked car while trying to drive away.

It's unclear exactly what set off Alec this time -- but his car was surrounded by reporters and photographers ... and he yells, "F**k you" to one reporter as he storms away and jumps in his car.  

Watch the clip -- after the accident ... Alec wants cops to arrest the reporter he's got the beef with, but as far as we know no one was arrested.

This is getting crazy.

12:15 PM PT -- Now we know why Alec went after the reporter ... his wife, Hilaria, dropped a dime. Watch this clip from FOX5 in NYC, at the very beginning you hear Hilaria say, "That's the one that almost hit me" -- and then Alec goes off.


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really? you ****ing people are getting ****ty cause he's getting angry at paparazzi every other day and TMZ are reporting it? can you blame the guy for being mad all the time. look at all these people surrounding him, its insane. I'd like to see him kill all those people and get away with it.

343 days ago


First off, what's up with the gray hair? Baldwin looks OLD. Did he let himself go gray, or is this a dye job, or what? Secondly, this dude has a TEMPER problem, which isn't good for his health. I can understand getting exasperated by the constant throng of photogs and reporters that hound him, but a. that's the life he chose (celebrity; get used to it, make more money than 99% of the country, its a small price to pay) and b. they're only following him BECAUSE he is such a loose cannon and everyone is hoping he will pop.

I remember WELL the recording of that voicemail he left his then 12-year old daughter, calling her a "little pig." I have friends who adored 30 Rock but I boycotted the show since one of the stars was this horse's behind. Not to mention one of his brothers is a teaparty jackoff.

The only thing I liked Alec in was the remake of Trial at Nuremberg, but his performance was only adequate, certain not Oscar material. Any good looking dude could have played the part.

He needs to stop the public displays of rage, or one day his family will find him dead on the bathroom floor, just like Gandolfini's son.

342 days ago


It's a natural fight or flight response when being surrounded like that. He is just a human being. I could see myself punching someone in that situation. This is coming from someone who can't stand his political opinions, but I 100% back him on this!!! Think logically people.

342 days ago


yeah, so the paparazzi are s***. but alec has been famous for a long time and should know that the best way to deal with them is ignore them and be calm.
there is seriously no excuse anymore. maybe if he stopped beating the crap out of them and giving exclusive interviews on their baby to Extra the paps would stop being obsessed with him
there are plenty of celebrities who deal with this level of attn gracefully... alec has anger issues and would be getting into this trouble whether or not there were paps there... he would just be taking it out on someone else.
the fact that he refuses to ever take any kind of responsibility indicates his narcissism is extremely high, and i would feel bad for her wife if she weren't such a damn golddigger.

342 days ago


Capital One should cancel him from their ads...

342 days ago


His MED'S were slightly off this morning. Too much RITALIN and not enough PROZAC.

342 days ago


This slob is out of control. Does TMZ really consider this clowns action news?

342 days ago


Unfortunately this is the price you must pay for fame. Not to mention the ga-zillions you're earning. His wife certainly started this melee with her remarks to the reporter: you 'almost' hit me, you 'almost' knocked my teeth out, 'you' almost hit me with the camera and finally: you 'almost hit my 'daughter'

342 days ago


I understand tht ALex is an ass but somewhere along the line these people need to back off and leave him alone. I also know his wife is sucking all this up and only acts like she is annoyed I mean what that hell did she marry him for if not for fame and money because it sure can't be for his great personality LOL He need sto gire body guards and start jacking these reporters up and maybe they will back off or maybe they will just sue, The louder he yells the more they flock around him, He needs ti buy a house, with a gated yard and a garage and have 2 ways in and out.

342 days ago



341 days ago



341 days ago



341 days ago


I would also be sick of the damn paps!! They're like untrained animals around stars. It's unsafe and ridiculous, there should be more laws against what they do to the stars. I could see wanting to get pics from a safe distance but they're blocking his vehicle and not allowing him and his family a safe exit!! Paps are disgusting.

340 days ago


Baldwin is a raving lunatic. He gets away with murder. Such a psycho.

340 days ago


I do not like Alex BALDWIN. But I think the media is bulling a mentally challanged person. So please leave the village idiot alone.

337 days ago
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