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Alec Baldwin

Bangs into Car, Chews Out Reporter

11/15/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin
just got into his THIRD angry confrontation today -- screaming at a female reporter, demanding cops arrest her ... and then hitting a parked car while trying to drive away.

It's unclear exactly what set off Alec this time -- but his car was surrounded by reporters and photographers ... and he yells, "F**k you" to one reporter as he storms away and jumps in his car.  

Watch the clip -- after the accident ... Alec wants cops to arrest the reporter he's got the beef with, but as far as we know no one was arrested.

This is getting crazy.

12:15 PM PT -- Now we know why Alec went after the reporter ... his wife, Hilaria, dropped a dime. Watch this clip from FOX5 in NYC, at the very beginning you hear Hilaria say, "That's the one that almost hit me" -- and then Alec goes off.


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He needs to find his brother and , then get a avocado, an ice pick and a snorkel.

344 days ago


He is a miserable, arrogant, obscene old man.. And he's bat s**t crazy too! He needs a xanax.. I almost feel sorry for his wife... ALMOST.

344 days ago


So now his wife is instigating him to fighting with a reporter now. She is as worse as he is.

344 days ago

Best Mom    

Alec makes Charlie look like Mother Teresa (no disrespect to Mother Teresa)

344 days ago

david 183    

I think he is a good guy. But clearly has issues he needs to resolve ASAP. Before he ends up jail. If he doesn't spend the money on a good therapist he will be spending it on a good lawyer hen he gets himself in big trouble. Of he wants real privacy he is gonn have to just move somehere with a private entrance and problem will be solved. He definitely has the money. Or he could just move to Alaska and everybody will be happy. It's a win win.

344 days ago


Alec Baldwin,You're INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

344 days ago


like a bunch of ****roaches. Leave the man alone damn... I would be bringing a siren around me any times these mofos came around. Wouldn't have to lissen to all their crap...

344 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Wow!! Time to call it a day Alec. Go home, take a chill pill, have a beer, whatever you need to do......

344 days ago


Absolute traveling freak show.

344 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Leave this man alone!

344 days ago


Has anyone noticed that sinced he married his "28" year old wife, who I think is a famewhore. His life has become more "on display". I am not condoning any of his behavior, but I think his wife is an instigator and LOVES being Mrs. Baldwin. His life seems to be spiraling out of control...ever since he met his new wife.

344 days ago


,someone should knock that grey head f**khead Baldwin out, that's what people like him need to stop the BS he keeps pulling on the pop..

344 days ago


Wow, another angry, old white TEA Party member. I know how much you libs hate them....oh, wait...

344 days ago


Hey ! Novel thought .!!!! LEAVE THE MAN AND HIS WIFE ALONE !!!!!!
If I had a pack of rabid Papz hounding me every time I stepped out my front door I would get more then a little pissed ! They know it will get him mad and he will say something and they will catch it and be able to sell it for High Dollars...and to Hell with the fact they they are invading the mans privacy and space.....It's time to start arresting these rabid Papz and putting there asses in jail and it would stop this.....Instead of blaming the victim ...and don't say they are just doing their job....thats Bullshyt !!! ....they are harassing this man..........

344 days ago


He should come out of the building with an AR15 (or whatever it's called) and blow all those photogs away. They are animals !!!!!!!!!!! (And we know TMz photogs won't be there because it's always (not our photogs). lol...

344 days ago
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