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Jonathan Martin finally broke his silence and addressed the media for the FIRST TIME since leaving the Miami Dolphins ... and says he plans to RETURN to the NFL as soon as possible.

Martin had a meeting in NYC with the special counsel hired by the NFL ... to talk about his treatment by Dolphins teammates, including Richie Incognito -- who's been suspended for allegedly bullying Martin.

The lawyer -- who also conducted the special investigation of the Syracuse University basketball team sexual harassment case -- will try to find out if some of the Dolphins' locker room antics crossed the legal line.

After the meeting, Martin read a statement ... saying he plans to resume his NFL career, though he didn't specify if he meant the Dolphins or another pro squad.

But there's a catch -- for Martin to return, a team has to want to sign him ... and after the way the Miami situation has played out, the ball might not be in his court.