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Michael Jackson

MJ's People Expose Big Stars as Drug Addicts

11/15/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's people have just thrown Britney Spears, George Michael, Van Halen, Aerosmith and other big names under a big tour bus, because MJ's people have just labeled them hard-core drug abusers just to make a point in a lawsuit.

Here's the deal.  Lloyds of London has refused to pay  benefits under an insurance policy that AEG took out in case MJ was not able perform for the "This Is It" tour.  Lloyds rejected the claim on grounds Michael and AEG defrauded the company by failing to fess up that MJ was a drug abuser.

Now the bus.  The Michael Jackson Company (MJC) sued Lloyds, demanding payment.  MJC claims in public documents -- obtained by TMZ -- that a number of artists, including Britney, George, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Kings of Leon, AC/DC, Johnny Hallyday and Whitney Houston all were known drug addicts and all of them applied for similar insurance to Lloyds.

MJC wants to see how the other rock stars were treated to determine if Michael is being singled out unfairly.

Short story -- to make their case, they're going to tar and feather every other rock star and act in sight.


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They need to let MJ rest in peace and leave the musicians alone..They better have something to back it up....they will end up getting sued by those big names if they prove to be lying.

310 days ago

Nita Frantz    

Michael was a grown man who should have been more responsible for his own life and health, he had kids after all, as wrong as the doctor was for giving MJ the drugs, MJ bears equal responsibility for taking them. The family needs to move on and stop putting MJ's kids thru this.

310 days ago


Britney Spears is a stupid fat talentless lunatic crack whore?? NO WAY!

310 days ago


They might have been insured also but they did bot od and then try to collect a payout money grubbers the jackson familiy all need to just go away and maybe get with reality MJ wasa drug addict and a dumb ass

310 days ago


haha, gravy train is over. Get real jobs, losers!

310 days ago


Jackson family issues come no one is upset that an insurance company knowingly takes money from people without the slightest intent to honor their contract? The Jackson family could have gone somewhere else for a policy. Instead, they were being fleeced for premiums to pay for a worthless policy. There are a million life insurance, health insurance and valuable item policies just like this. The insurance companies rake in money and have entire department DEDICATED to not paying. Most people will experience this on a smaller scale during their lifetime. Meanwhile, people get fleeced under the false assumption they're covered while the executives make bloated-disgusting salaries (90 million a year for blue cross CEO).

310 days ago

Black Adam    

LOL! Britney's having a Nip Slip.

310 days ago

Black Adam    

If the Crack Pipe fits.........

310 days ago


Their gravy train has ended and now I am sure they are freaking out. I have an idea....go get jobs! These jackson brothers have really not done anything with their lives after MJ went solo and it seems they just relied on his success for their benefit. Sad

310 days ago

Susan Merriman     

I always look at your site in the uk, and enjoy watching it when I am in the states, will it be shown on uk t.v.

310 days ago


the jerksons...the same vile people who put their entire herd of kids into show biz slavery to make a buck! when does it stop, when is enough enough? Greed, immoral, vile greed. What now -- the rockstars are white so they were treated better than MJ? Oh, they threw ol' Whitney in 'cause we all know already about her.

310 days ago


Next they are going to tell us that some stars say incredibly stupid things!

310 days ago


AC/DC used drugs???????????? I don't believe it !

310 days ago

universal doll    

Just because those other artists applied for coverage by Lloyds doesn't mean it was granted. Additionally those entertainers are still alive. No death claims have been made. It remains to be seen what will happen upon their demise.

310 days ago

Margarida Maria    

The Jackson family has no limits, to want money anyway. Who's in charge of the Michael Jackson Company ?
They are now involving other artists, even who have is died, to achieve their goals, the insurance money of Michael Jackson (money, money, money, always the money). The god of the family Jackson is the MONEY.
Funny, Joe Jackson, which has always been villain of the story, is gone, spent the time to Katherine Jackson.
When this is all going to end ? This family should be processed, should all go to jail(everyone except the children of Michael Jackson), All are the bunch of blood-sucking , crazies, the family Jackson.
Poor Michel Jackson !

310 days ago
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