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Oakland Univ.

Rape Investigation


11/15/2013 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The woman who accused Oakland Univ. basketball stars Duke Mondy and Dante Williams of rape had a wild night of sex before making her allegation ... this according to official documents obtained by TMZ.

The L.A. County D.A. rejected the case within 24 hours, and now we know why.

Mondy and Williams were in L.A. to play UCLA.  After the game the alleged victim met Williams at the Marriott Hotel in Culver City.   According to the D.A. document rejecting the case ... she went to Williams' room but he told her to leave because he was under a curfew.

The woman then met Mondy in the hallway, who invited her to his room.  And that's when the sex started.

The woman says she had sex with Mondy but claimed she wasn't comfortable and she had told him to stop several times but he ignored her.  Then Williams entered the room.  She says she then had sex with him and groused about how aggressive Mondy had been.

Now get this.  Then Mondy came back in the room and he asked if he could jump in bed with the woman and Williams, and everyone obliged.

After the 3-way, Mondy went back into his own bed and she climbed in for another round of sex.

The guys eventually asked her to leave, and when she hit the parking lot she started crying and told the parking attendant she "thought" she "might" have been raped.

Short story -- the D.A. kicked the case.

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No Avatar


Embarrassed by the 3 way?

305 days ago


New rule: If this rape accusation turns out to be false as it most certainly seems to be, authorities should be required to release the accusers name. So the rest of us guys know to stay the hell away from her!!

305 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

The women should have kept their legs closed.

305 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

How can you scream rape with a pipe in both ends

305 days ago


You can't rape the willing.

305 days ago

david 183    

Lets see her face so others can know to stay the hell away from her. I see there faces all over. They should sue her for defamation.

305 days ago

user name    

3 ways are disgusting but how are these guys gunna tell their families it was with a other guy.

305 days ago


Her mind has already been raped by sexualised culture to make her do all that in the first place. She made at least 10 bad decisions that night before the rape. She is a victim, and she was taken advantage of, but the basketball players will walk because are more worthy than a 'sl*t' in society. Very sad, very, very wrong.

305 days ago


was the victim male or female and a mouth breather as well?

305 days ago


Well if that is true she's a moron. People who cry rape because they feel like whores for being whores just hurt the credibility of the real victims. Dumb bitch.

305 days ago

The Universe    

A stupid sl*t who now wants to be paid. This is why people do not believe women when they cry rape.

305 days ago


You know, TMZ, I'm a woman. Even I THINK when you post shyte like this that maybe, just maybe this is another chick calling "WOLF" to make bucks. I have an idea, HOW ABOUT YOU DOUCHEBAGS hop aboard your douchecanoe and paddle a few miles while waiting for the actually FILING by law enforcement or D.A.'s office stating "Yes, this was a case of Rape and yes it's going to trial". What happens now? Are these two athletes still suspended? This is bullshyte and it breaks my heart that HOBAGS like this try and call sexual assault or rape at the drop of a dime when real victims are out there trying to get justice. F.U. and your sensationalism, show a little decorum once in a while or does your staff need to go back to grade five to learn how to be caring human beings?

305 days ago


Ludacris, HOE song = EPIC! "Why do you think you take a hoe to a HOtel"

305 days ago


These 2 retards are just as idiotic as the woman. What did they think was going to happen after their threesome? They'd all be best friends and the nice woman they met in the hallway will go back to her day job the next morning working at the local church? F*cking MORONS

305 days ago


This 'tart' makes it so much harder for real victims of rape to come forward and be taken seriously. SHAME on her!

305 days ago
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