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George Zimmerman


GF Calls 911, 'He Pulled A Gun On Me!'

11/18/2013 6:00 PM PST UPDATED: 11/18/2013 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


George Zimmerman
's girlfriend went NUCLEAR after he allegedly pointed his shotgun at her face and broke a bunch of her stuff ... and we got her dramatic 911 call -- but the craziest part ... Zimmerman says she's pregnant.

As we reported, Zimmerman was arrested in Orlando, FL earlier today after allegedly pointing his DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN at his girlfriend ... and shoving her out of the house, this according to the Seminole County Sheriff.

The GF called 911 in the middle of their argument -- shouting at dispatch while yelling at Zimmerman. Once police arrived, Zimmerman placed his own call to 911.

During his call, Zimmerman says the girlfriend is "going crazy" and is PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD. He says he called 911 so everyone would know the truth about what happened.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the GF told police she and Zimmerman had become involved in a verbal dispute ... and when she asked him to leave, he began to break things in the house.


She told cops Zimmerman also began packing up his things -- which included a shotgun and an assault rifle -- but as the argument escalated, Zimmerman grew more upset ... and took the shotgun out of its case.

The GF announced she was going to call the police ... and according to the report, that's when Zimmerman leveled his shotgun at her and asked if she really wanted to do that. He then allegedly smashed a glass coffee table with the butt of the gun.

The GF told police Zimmerman shoved her outside and barricaded the front door behind her.

Zimmerman's pickup truck was parked in the driveway of their home (below) ... when police responded to the 911 call. Police claim they eventually forced their way into the house and placed Zimmerman under arrest.


The domestic violence arrest is listed as a felony. The Seminole County Sheriff's website says Zimmerman is not eligible for bail.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Zimmerman is currently being held in a single cell for his own protection.

Zimmerman has had multiple run-ins with cops ever since he was acquitted back in July of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.



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Why does random gunfire always seem to kill some innocent young child, or sweet old man? Why can't random gunfire randomly kill some random assclown like this? Just a random thought.

342 days ago

Emma Johnson    

Will George Zimmerman serve any time? This man study the Law and was acquitted of murder. No tickets, when he could & should have received a warning. He's like a cat.

342 days ago


she should "stand her ground and shoot him" if he's assaulting her. it;s legal in Fla.

342 days ago


Pregnant by George Zimmerman - even just the THOUGHT makes me want to go take a shower.

342 days ago


Boy, a never ending reminder of just how wrong the jury really got it this time..... i sure hope there is a way to keep this guy in jail cuz he's obviously not done hurting/murdering people....what a pathetic pos...

342 days ago


Oh Georgy Porgy

342 days ago


What a travesty..... this pos wont stop till he murders someone, oh ya, he already did. Sadly the jury really got this one wrong, I'm assuming those cops want his ass as much as the rest of us,..... lets hope...this aint gonna end well LOL

342 days ago

Ms Nat    

A free man but not the way he wants, free in hell.

342 days ago


And she must have zero self esteem

342 days ago


Why don't you write a story about the 1,000s of BLACK NON-CELEBS who are repeatedly arrested for murdering/raping/robbing white people? Or does that not make it onto your radar because it's such a common occurrence?

342 days ago


Zimmerman is suffering from the OJ syndrome (He is filled with so much guilt and self-hatred whereby he cannot get peace of mind, cannot sleep, and won't be satisfied until he is punished (prison) for his crime.

342 days ago


Was she walking down the street during his neighborhood watch?

342 days ago


Not eligible for bail . . . cool. Hopefully he'll be stuck in jail for a couple of years awaiting trial.

342 days ago


So now he is punching out his white preganat girlfriend.. if this baby dies or has a deformity is george going to state in court he was told his girfriend wanted an abortion and thats why he was allowed to punch her out??

what is he going to blame on now.. i hope that baby is ok

why dosent he fight with his own race, sex , age and gender without weapons?? i would love to see a spic his fat size bash him out with his fists the way he does on the weaker younger sexes without weapons or those carrying a child.

342 days ago


U guys get all mad about him going free for killing tray on but I wonder how many of u were celebrating when on got off for killing Nicole and ron in cold blood.

342 days ago
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