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Justin Bieber to Guests

This Party Will Cost You $3 Mil

... If You Blab!

11/18/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1118_justin_bieber_doc_launch_agreement Justin Bieber's Gatsby party Friday night was free of charge to guests, but if they utter a word about what went on inside they'll be socked for $3 million --- and get this ... it's a DISCOUNTED RATE!

Guests and workers signed a confidentiality agreement -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside.

Apparently a lot went on ... Sheriff's deputies were called 3 times for noise complaints, and a neighbor tells us one deputy told him when the front door opened he caught a strong whiff of weed.

The document provides ... anyone who violates the confidentiality agreement will automatically be on the hook for $3 mil ... no trial, no arguing, just pay up.  

People who worked the party were also required to sign the document.

For some reason, the Biebs reduced the penalty ... by a lot.  TMZ obtained a similar confidentiality agreement he made people sign for a prior shindig, and the penalty clause was $5 million.

It's almost a bargain now.


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I can just imagine the big stars arriving at the house and greeted by the confidentiality agreement committee.

I'm pretty sure most of them said get the **** outta here with that and walked right past.

As for the help and the others, I'm quite sure details were leaked to their friends. Is he suing that hooker he was with in South America? Didn;t think so.

302 days ago


If something illegal occurred, and was then reported, I really doubt they would see their so called 3million fine.

302 days ago


I'm sure all $3M paid in penalties would go to his Hoe Fund. Hey, it's very hard to pay for college in $1 bills lol

302 days ago


I cannot think of an example of one person apparently trying so very hard and succeeding at being such a douche.

302 days ago


Gotta say, smart kid! lol With all of the fame seekers around, and those looking to profit off of celebrities by extortion - a hilarious but great idea! At least they got a discount this time! LMAO!!!!

302 days ago


Of course the fee was lowered.
Who has 5 million to throw away?
Or, for that matter, 3 million?
This little miscreant is truly a piece of work.
If the party was lawful why would he need a confidentiality contract?
I can't imagine Bonnie and Clyde doing such a thing.
I doubt this would stop anyone from testifying in a court room.

302 days ago


I actually think that's pretty cool. If I were a celeb or wanted to relax and not worry about some trash posting pics on fb this would be a great deal in my opinion. Sadly no one has an honor code anymore so you have to threaten them where it counts to them.. their pocket book

302 days ago


Power trip. That fact that anyone would sign something like that just to be around him makes him feel like Super Doosh.

302 days ago


I would imagine a lot of Hollyweird parties have a similar confidentiality agreement.

302 days ago


Don't blame him a bit. As some idiots point out, yes, a lot about him already runs loose in the media. But to say it doesn't matter anymore shows a true ignorance. Of course it matters.
I'm totally surprised I've not seen the headline Justin Bieber cought masterbating in public washroom simply for doing what all guys do after they have a leak, shake it..

302 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I hate that little prlck.

302 days ago


Can't someome tell this little brat he's not so famous as he thinks he is and 3 Mil to people who tell that's kinda ridiculous first of all I don't see Tom Cruise, Ben Afflack or Will Smith going to his so called "party" I see hoodlums going to his "party" stupid kid needs a lesson in life stop being such a hugh douchbag your not tough your a Puzzy get use to it little boy .

302 days ago


You guys make it sound like he's the only celebrity who does this.

302 days ago


confidential information? like everyone didn't already know he's gay?

302 days ago


No one at his party would have 3 million. they are there to use him for what they can get or rip him off.

302 days ago
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