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Kanye West

Dear Mr. President ...

Keep My Name & Kim's Outta Your Mouth

11/18/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is slapping a ban on President Obama ... or at least all conversations about him as retaliation for the Prez calling Yeezy a "jackass."

Kanye's latest rant aired this morning on 107.9 FM in Philly. The hosts asked him about Obama's infamous comment ... and Kanye angrily responded, "I don't care if your're the president. I bring joy to people."

Kanye goes on to explain why he won't be talking about that guy in the White House anymore. Watch the tirade .. It's definitely arrogant, but also a little funny.

Kanye added that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either, saying ... he "shouldn't mention my baby mama name, 'cause we both from Chicago."

Mr. President, you've been warned.


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المملكة العربية السعودية    

The President is right. Kanye is a jackass.

307 days ago


I love how kanye wants obama to stop talking about him & kim yet it's o.k. for him to diss michelle & obama whenever he wants?! What a "Jackass"! I also love how he said he brings joy to people & threatens obama with that "I'm from Chicago" B.S. in a 2 minute period. Bottom line, kanye is not as dope as he thinks he is rapping/producing wise, at least not these days, real Chi-Town Thugs would have a field day f***ing his "Jackass" up & the only real joy his new family brought to the world was his baby mama's sex tape which is 100 times better than any of his albums! What a lost soul...good luck growing up with a dad like that baby north, YOU'RE GONNA NEED IT!

307 days ago


That was months ago,he is a genuine idiot,Lmao,so sad he is.......

307 days ago


Yea, He used to make music for the people.. Now.. This self serving Jackass is so out of touch. Eventually those entertainers you trying to impress gone stop liking you too... SMH

307 days ago


He is such a punk! Come to Colorado punk- I would love to teach you a lesson...

307 days ago


Kanye West. No only untalented but uglier than sin. I would hate like hell to roll over in the morning and have to look at that!

307 days ago


He is such a punk! Come to Colorado punk- I would love to teach you a lesson...

307 days ago


The sign of a mad man, is when he talks without thinking! He needs to STFU and stay his ass home with his BABY MAMA AND THE KID. He is an idiot and an embarrassment. Kim? How do you feel now? You just got stuck with a jealous, insecure and UGLY weirdo FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Guess this wasn't the part in a Disney fairytale she envisioned, huh?

307 days ago


I can't believe such a near illiterate would have the audacity to try and berate the Leader of our country saying what he was doing was more important than that of a President. The only person this ignorant on the down low piece of **** is concerned about is himself, his big ass whore and their terrorist looking kid. He has no valid contributions to society, is no sort of role model and has nothing that could be considered a brain. I guess we all have to understand that while some people in life try to make the country and the world a better place through education and humanity, others try to see their own little corner of the world filled with materialistic trash...owning that is what makes them appear as a success. And to a certain percentage of people who do not have those things that might be the best they could ever hope for in a person to look up to. While the rest of the educated and refined country goes on about their business here we have the king silverback trying to protect 'his baby mamma' (for gods sake. show some class and education and call her, just one time, the mother of my child.) His irresponsible rants and unjustifiable belief that he is an equal to Jesus....a true savior are the first signs of delusional belief that if left untreated will develop into full blown psychosis leaving Kim K most likely dead when he realizes he is not important at all, We all know his legendary tirades and he will have one that makes Chris Browns beating of Riri look like play time between two toddlers. He will kill her and the terrorist and will not even know what he has done. He is in terrible ground right now and needs some serious psychological treatment.

307 days ago


Jackass doesn't even begin to describe the person this silverback things he is. He and his porn tape sleazebag girl are not at all relevant in todays society of intelligent people. Sure they might have some pull in those who do not read, but to the rest of the world they are insignificant nobodies with money. He needs to do a few things.,,,first and most importantly he needs to take some college courses to educate himself. Second he needs some deep and intensive psychological counseling to pull him out of the self imposed world of importance he has placed himself in. Third he needs to develop a sense of respect for our President...our black President, something he should be proud of. His ignorance is more entertaining than his so called singing career. His 'art' as he sees it is nothing. What would really help him as well is to go ahead and come out of the closet. No self respecting black man would meet a woman then proceed to go through her closets and demand that she change her wardrobe to what he thinks she should wear (He probably has exact things designed for him in his size by his lover, Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, his lover in Paris. This man is one walking disaster of a person (I cant call him a man) and within the year I predict he will go on a gay rampage and will kill 'his baby mamma' and their terrorist looking kid in a fit of epic proportions. He is one messed up, physically unattractive silverback and needs to get to the back of the bus. What a waste of time these two wastes of air these two no bodies are.....

307 days ago


Kanye West, you will always be a JackASS... There's no changing that... The POTUS is correct on that issue. No matter how much you TRY to make sense, that'll never happen either...... but you can keep trying...

307 days ago


Oh, he is on the big bad list now. His Acct had better not cheat on the income taxes for Kanye and Kimye. He is such a jackass - keep him out of the news.

307 days ago


What a fool he is . and I am African American... He is the most stuck - up rapper out here... Always blowing - off his stupid mouth because his ego can't handle the truth!! - he thinks too highly of himself and that numb looking woman of his...
He need to take him & his silly -valley girl and keep it movin... move right on out off the public sites... cause you keep diggin deeper holes every time you open that ignorant mouth of yours...

307 days ago


When referencing her in public, has Kanye ever called his "baby mama" by her given name?

307 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Wow! Really, Kanye?? Threatening the man who made it possible for another black man to be POTUS and you threaten him because he told the truth?? YOU ARE AN JackA$$!! Disappear already!

307 days ago
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