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Kanye West

Dear Mr. President ...

Keep My Name & Kim's Outta Your Mouth

11/18/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is slapping a ban on President Obama ... or at least all conversations about him as retaliation for the Prez calling Yeezy a "jackass."

Kanye's latest rant aired this morning on 107.9 FM in Philly. The hosts asked him about Obama's infamous comment ... and Kanye angrily responded, "I don't care if your're the president. I bring joy to people."

Kanye goes on to explain why he won't be talking about that guy in the White House anymore. Watch the tirade .. It's definitely arrogant, but also a little funny.

Kanye added that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either, saying ... he "shouldn't mention my baby mama name, 'cause we both from Chicago."

Mr. President, you've been warned.


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This country has become completely desolate to moral correct behavior and has forgotten what the value of opinion is...the standards people, especially in the industry are lowmatic and purely of monitary intrests. People forget about what they are representing, and innocent children are forced to believe this is what will make you successful some choose to say well parents should stop them from waching well some dont have good parent or role models at all so its the job of higher powers that are sound minded like Obama to set a behavioral standard. You cant help but to see people like these all over the place unwillingly anyways cause god knows who their agents are but I'm sure they are good. I don't think it was a personal attack more than a good oposition to the nastyness that has become popularly accepted....and if Obama helps one kid make it to Stanford instead of them becoming some drug out crack whore or wanna be drug dealing singer so be it...ill be the first to say Obama is hella cool so take that! As you should, cause Kim ain't do a damn thing but be some black party groopy and Kanye well we dont know what he was thinking but I'm sure it was somewhat publicity driven, but take it as best you can cause you are not President you are not graduates and your godammn right they are talking about you....I dont claim to be any better but I do know right from wrong and what this country needs is love, kindness and a bit of concern about others opinions, this is getting old.

341 days ago


Kanye is a loser. Remember when he said George Bush doesn't like black people? Who knew his jackassery was only beginning.

341 days ago

coco cola    

he is slow first you lose your mother..karma..then he talks about Mrs.obama..but you say Mr.obama can't respond..go **** yourself Kenya

341 days ago


Wait till the money stops rolling in and kim has to support him like a typical white woman with a black man. Kanye is the type if kim tries to leave him to say if I can't have you nobody can. Did any of us really think an emotionally sound man would date a kardashian. These girls can only get men who have emotional issues and are desperate for affection.

341 days ago


At least the President isn't as self righteous. I think Kanye needs to realize that the people he's making happy are making money. I suppose no different than the president at least Obama is no idiot like Kanye because he is kinda right about the jackals part literally and especially if Kanye is a democrat. So it's not slander or libel in which Obama's been clever and intelligent in understanding the concept of our constitutional right to freedom of speech. Kanye's dumb ass must have read that Obama is the second most powerful man in the world. Kanye is clearly delusional thinking he is while there are more important thing in the world like tragedies and he and the Kardadhian family are too into themselves full of greed and inspired by their own fame putting all over Instagram what designer they're wearing trying to make more money they don't need while getting freebies. I doubt their father Robert Kardashian who understood somewhat what social justice is, due to his choice of representauon

341 days ago


Representation would be happy with the way his family earned their fame and money and greedy ways.

341 days ago


Kanye -- the President can talk about whomever he wants. you need to keep the President's name out of your mouth. the nerve of this jackas

341 days ago


Kanye west is an fast talking J who needs stfu. Some one pleaae tell him he is NOT IN NO wAY ON PRESIDENT Obama's level And neither is bis baby mama. K you a joke and I like your music. #STAY IN YALAME

341 days ago


i've been saying this, and i'll say it again. kanye is mentally ill. he has borderline personality disorder. he relates everything in the world to himself and has delusions of grandeur. he is nowhere near as important as he thinks he is, yet his idiotic fans completely buy into his crap. it's really pathetic.

341 days ago


LOL seriously threatening the POTUS.. i mean im not a fan of obama either but because he called you a jackass you're going go all ghetto on him and say ya'll are from chicago? wtf! WOW..

341 days ago


F~~K this egoticstical JACKA~~! My GOD I wish he & Kim would just shut the F~~K up & disappear! SO sick of them both!

341 days ago


This is not a threat! Kanye made a valid point and he is entitled to his own opinion. Damn!

341 days ago


he's right,Mr president should stop hating on yeezy ,hes successful and adorable so yall muh****as rather shut the **** up

sincerely my middle finger

341 days ago


Dumb and possibly illegal.

341 days ago


I'm happy to say I had to google yeezy… LOL now I get it BO says KW is a JA… Last word from the Prez!

341 days ago
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