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Kim & Kanye

We Want Dr. Dre's Land

For Our Mega-Mansion

11/18/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


As if Beats by Dr. Dre didn't earn him enough money last year ... Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are gearing up to line Dre's pockets even more, because Dre owns the Calabasas mega-property the couple is seriously thinking about buying.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim and Kanye have got their eyes on a massive plot of land tucked away in a secluded section of Calabasas, and are considering buying it and then building an enormous, super-private mansion.

The couple already owns an $11 million mansion nearby in Bel Air -- still under construction -- but now they're concerned it's too exposed ... so they're thinking about selling it and buying the lot.

And now for the crazy coincidence -- we've learned the 6-acre plot is owned by hip hop mega-producer Dr. Dre, which he purchased last year for roughly $10.5 million. We're told the land is now worth between $11-12 million.

FYI, Dre is worth a reported $360 million. Kim and Kanye's reported net worth combined isn't even half that. Dre reportedly raked in $110 million last year alone ... largely from Beats by Dre.


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Pimp and his whore

307 days ago

Nobody Special    

Kim is gonna spend every dime Kangay has and he is too dumb to spot the girl from his song "Gold-Digger". After the house is built and most of his cash is gone, then comes the plan. Catch him cheating and then the Mega-Divorce.
You did not really believe she enjoys spending time with him, did you?

This will be one of the best upcoming Train-Wrecks to witness.

These people are kooks, they spend 6 hours a day reading Tweets and talking about what clothes they are going to wear.
After the 2nd baby boy is born, South West, it will be all downhill from here. Kim needs a 2nd Insurance Policy to insure Mo-Money Mo-Money Mo-Money.

307 days ago


To my surprise TMZ is wrong yet again, the land is in Hidden Hills, not Bel-Air.

307 days ago

I don't understand why these stars have to have such big mansions for homes what happens when there career
ends or they end up bankrupt. I could see it if you a lot of kids but they eventually grow up and hopefully move out.

307 days ago


I can't wait to see these two fighting over their houses event hey break up!!! Ridiculous ignorant people with money making taking a crap like finding the cure for cancer smh

307 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Who is Dr. Dre?

Now I remember doing a lot of drugs at Victor Drais' back around 1962 but Dr. Dre???


307 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Kanye, tell me you did not really threaten the President. Are you loco? Don't be surprised when Secret Service follows you and you think they are reporters. Dummy! You are not Jesus, you are silly sick. Get it..."your baby mama is a porn star who loves attention." No way the paps in air or on land knew where you and Kim would be unless they were tipped off. This while you complain about paps following you. Harv, report on this story and let us know if Kanye truly have lost the pea brain he has, or if this story is BS.

307 days ago


TMZ you might want to do some fact checking. That piece of property you're showing is not in Bel Air... actually it's not even close. It's in Hidden Hills, right up the street from the Jenner house. Far from private and not really too exclusive.

307 days ago


They are close to neighbor but unlike the house under renovations, they won't be on top of neighbors. This space seems a bad place to build a home. Mudslides after heavy rains, earthquakes vulnerable. As usual, they are not thinking.

307 days ago


I sure hope Dr. Drew doesn't sell to them.

307 days ago


Do you TMZ creeps hide in the trees like vultures to get a picture like that? That's even lower than The s*** your taking a picture of.

307 days ago


These people are pathetic, can't wait until, they lose it all by living high on the hog. It's sad when no talent trash have money but they will never have class, morals or ethics, never.

307 days ago



307 days ago


Whats the point. Its not like they are going to stay together.. Im suprised they still are. Hes so ugly and shes so fake and their baby is freaking nasty too

307 days ago


They don't wanna be secluded. They love the attention. Especially kim k. If they really wanted to be private people kim would leave her reality show but she won't

307 days ago
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