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Tom & Gisele's Bodyguards

5 Years in Prison

After Wedding Shooting

11/18/2013 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Tom Brady
and Gisele Bundchen's former bodyguards are finally facing the music after shooting at two photogs during the couple's Costa Rican wedding in 2009 -- the hired muscle was just sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The two bodyguards Miguel Solis and Colombian Alexander were convicted of attempted murder today in a Costa Rican court.

As we reported, the pair opened fire on a couple paparazzi who had been snapping photos of the nuptials. The photogs attempted to drive away, and the bodyguards shot at their car, shattering the back window. Neither pap was injured.

After the shooting, one of the photogs told a reporter, "I could have lost my life for the sale of some pictures that Gisele didn't want published. Are they insane?"

Tom had denied their bodyguards had guns.



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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Sounds like the photogs need a new job description. It's a jungle out there taking pictures. But hey, 5 years no sweat.

302 days ago


It sucks to the paparazzi when they have no treshold to take the stalking back.... Poor things... Go ef yoursel...

302 days ago


The bodyguards got what they deserved. The paps were not putting anyone in danger, the bodyguards most definitely were. I do hate paps, however. Truly one of life's lower forms, but not worth killing.

302 days ago


Trying to kill people for taking pictures because Gisele had made a deal with some magazine for the pictures is disgusting and wrong. Too bad Gisele and Tom did not get some time in prison too since they are ultimately responsible for what their bodyguards do. Tom lied when he said they did not have guns.

302 days ago


Tom should have hired Aaron Hernandez

302 days ago


Who are Tom and Gisele?

302 days ago


If you go where you're not supposed to and something bad happens, you've dug your own grave. I don't support gun violence or police/security brutality, but the paparazzi ask for trouble with their antics.

302 days ago


Quote... "one of the photogs told a reporter, "I could have lost my life for the sale of some pictures that Gisele didn't want published. Are they insane?"
Who is insane? The photog went somewhere he wasn't supposed to be, took pictures he wasn't supposed to take and complains that he could have lost his life for the sale of pictures that Gisele didn't want published. He violated their privacy, stole their images, intended to profit by them, and he thinks the bodyguards are insane??? He should be in jail for all the violations he committed. Instead, the people hired to stop these s***bags are in prison and the paparazzi thinks he's the hero??? Come on. Don't go where you're not wanted. Period!

302 days ago


That's exactly what a pap is going to say in the near future when he gets blasted by a feed-up celebrity... but rather:

"I could have lost my life for the sale of some pictures that celebrity didn't want published. Was I insane?"

302 days ago


I'm not (exactly) for shooting paps... but I think one good whack with a bat should be allowed.

302 days ago

steven vale    

so you go somewhere your not allowed, and then complain when you get shot at. your lucky to be alive. you should be dead.

302 days ago


Its a crime to shhot at people in Costa Rica?? WHO KNEW???

302 days ago


That bodyguard deserved it he's overzealous and trigger happy acting like those two are the president or royality. Its not like the paps were there to kill them they just wanted a few pics which they wrong to do in the first place. While he's getting ass reamed in prisonTom and that twig will be living it up

302 days ago


A douche and his horse.

302 days ago


The shooting wasn't right, however, they put themselves there and should know that they need to put on their big boy pants and get ready to run! The guy admits that they were shooting pics that she didn't want published, so why were they doing it? As he said to SELL. It was HIM that was asking for the risk. Had he not been there, his life would not have been in danger.

301 days ago
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