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Bristol to Levi

Quit Hunting

And Pay for Your Kid!

11/19/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Levi Johnston
has his priorities screwed up ... he's buying cars, dropping serious cash on hunting and taking fancy trips, instead of forking over child support ... this according to legal docs filed by Bristol Palin.

In the new docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Bristol claims Levi isn't a suitable parent on many levels to get what he's after -- 50/50 custody.  She says aside from the fact that he's $67K behind in child support, he doesn't even visit Tripp on a regular basis.

In fact, Bristol believes Levi is so deep in the red, it constitutes a felony under Alaskan law.

And this is the  best part ... Bristol wants the judge to say out loud that Levi is voluntarily underemployed -- translation ... LOSER.



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She didn't think he was a loser when she opened up her legs for him. Seriously women need to stop bitching about child support. You attach yourselves to these losers and than bitch and whine when you get pregnant about how he doesn't pay? Honey, if he didn't have money when he was doing you what makes you think he is gonna have any when you do the stupid thing and get pregnant .

338 days ago


Hey TMZ, Who is "Briston?"Check your headline. Nice editing.

338 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh for crying out loud. Get the loser to sign off and give the kid up.

Time to move on.

338 days ago


It would seem to me they need to take a paternity test... The kid looks nothing like Bristol or Levi.

338 days ago


Briston? It's unfortunate that Harvey is too cheap to hire a proofreader....

338 days ago


It so pains me to side with any palin, but this dude really does need to man up and be a father..... Or get the hell outta the kids life so there are no expectations. Give b the child support and go away.

338 days ago


Trash - both families.

338 days ago


Ok. She picked this guy. She knew his character. Her mother knew she was messing around with this boy, why didn't she interject some sort of guidance? Was she too self consumed and unaware? I'm thinking yes.

338 days ago


How could Levi possible be behind $67K in child support? The kid turns 5 next month. That would mean over $13K a year in child support from Levi - and last I checked, he only made twenty-something a year.
NO judge, EVER, would order child support payments that consume far more than HALF of the father's income! Something is VERY fishy about that claim.

338 days ago


she chose to have a baby with a loser. seems like she should deal with the aftermath. suck it up and stop complaining. you could have had an abortion.

338 days ago


TEAM Bristol

338 days ago

King Anton    

Fine..Ill say it since no one else will. BRISTOL is freakin hot. Oh I'd knock that ass up too, good stuff Levi

338 days ago


How does he owe $67K in back support?! He doesn't earn enough to warrant payments that high!

338 days ago


Levi is not fit to be a Dad. He's never made Tripp a priority in his life. He's used him as an ATM since he was born. He wants 50/50 custody so that his child support payments will be reduced. Meanwhile, Bristol is in AZ going to school trying to better herself. Tripp has always been her number one priority. I hope Bristol gets a fair judge who sees through Levi's act, for Tripp's sake.

338 days ago


His payments are outrageous to begin with. This is what happens without giving women the option for family planning.... Tea partiers.

338 days ago
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