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Bristol to Levi

Quit Hunting

And Pay for Your Kid!

11/19/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Levi Johnston
has his priorities screwed up ... he's buying cars, dropping serious cash on hunting and taking fancy trips, instead of forking over child support ... this according to legal docs filed by Bristol Palin.

In the new docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Bristol claims Levi isn't a suitable parent on many levels to get what he's after -- 50/50 custody.  She says aside from the fact that he's $67K behind in child support, he doesn't even visit Tripp on a regular basis.

In fact, Bristol believes Levi is so deep in the red, it constitutes a felony under Alaskan law.

And this is the  best part ... Bristol wants the judge to say out loud that Levi is voluntarily underemployed -- translation ... LOSER.



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317 days ago


If Levi owes money for back child support, that is not an acceptable reason to keep a child away from his father. You say he doesn't visit Tripp on a regular basis, and that is most likely due to the fact that you do not cooperate. When you put money or revenge ahead of a father-child relationship, then you are not a loving, carying mother who is concerned with the best interests of the child; what you are is a selfish bitch.

317 days ago


Wow - way to go insulting all the trainee electricians out there, Bristol. Are you insinuating that they are "underemployed" too? Levi has one year left and then he will be qualified. He#s been studying for several years now. I hear tell that you are studying to be an ethetics technician? Good for you. But tell me, Bristol, does that mean that you too are voluntarily underemployed because I thought that you were some sort of celebrity rolling in the $$$$$$. Why the sudden change in career? Never trust a Palin to represent the facts.

317 days ago

arale norimaki    

Sperm is very much alive. - Am I committing a crime when I masturbate?
We Get It, GOP. You Hate Women. We Get It.

Sarah, maybe you or Todd should have paid better attention to what your kids were doing and who they were hanging out with....... & maybe got your daughter on some birth control.Republicans always complain. Sarah basically says I don't believe in abortion but let's publicly humiliate a teen dad. I'm sure if her daughter was like many teen moms with no family or support system that baby would be in foster care or on welfare and food stamps.This shows why preaching abstinence doesn't work.
Republicans have become so deluded that they're engaged in class warfare against their own loyal voters.

317 days ago


Actually, they are both losers.

317 days ago


Do you really need a couple thou with mommy's millions? I doubt the kid is going hungry.

317 days ago


Reality show trash. All of them. Sell Alaska back to the Russians if they'll take her and her entire clan with it.

317 days ago


Well Bristol, aren't you a whore? Under the defination a whore is an unmarried mother. So, can whores be good mothers?

317 days ago


My friend who lives in Wasilla said the rumor is Levi and his wife did not even pay a babysitter they hired for their daughter. How are they going to pay for child care for Tripp 50% of the time?

317 days ago


Maybe Bristol can get him a job where she works. Wait........

317 days ago

There's a problem here    

Levi is quite the loser, after all, look at where he dipped his wick. But he might as well cut his losses because the kid has been indoctrinated into Palinism by now and that's pretty much toxic waste.

317 days ago


I think his child support requirements are out of line for his income. Isn't he required to pay about $4k a month?

317 days ago


She picked him!

317 days ago


That is over a grand a month in Child support? Sounds a bit high if you ask me.

317 days ago


Has Miss Moneybags who earns over one million dollars a year pimping out her son and who owns at least three mansions ever stopped to think that Levi has more right to go big game hunting that she does? Apparently she thinks only people who can afford the expensive guns and guides that she has should be able to shoot wild animals for trophies. Heck, her family uses these hunting trips to encourage the rich and famous to come visit them in Alaska for the holidays -- way to buy friends when you are so unlikeable that you can't make friends on your own. So the Palins kill Santa's reindeer or bear and caribou and moose for the thrill of it--just to get the pictures and bragging rights and trophies for the wall. They take the steaks and leave the rest of the animal--because they are too lazy to carry the carcass out and their multiple freezers are full. Levy hunts because he needs food to put on the table. How dare Bristol think that the rich hunters should be given all the privileges and if you are poor, you get no hunting rights.

316 days ago
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