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Bristol to Levi

Quit Hunting

And Pay for Your Kid!

11/19/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Levi Johnston
has his priorities screwed up ... he's buying cars, dropping serious cash on hunting and taking fancy trips, instead of forking over child support ... this according to legal docs filed by Bristol Palin.

In the new docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Bristol claims Levi isn't a suitable parent on many levels to get what he's after -- 50/50 custody.  She says aside from the fact that he's $67K behind in child support, he doesn't even visit Tripp on a regular basis.

In fact, Bristol believes Levi is so deep in the red, it constitutes a felony under Alaskan law.

And this is the  best part ... Bristol wants the judge to say out loud that Levi is voluntarily underemployed -- translation ... LOSER.



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Let's see: If a guy is called names and yelled at in front of his son every time he comes to pick him up for visitation; if the Palin family airs their dirty laundry on national TV and calls him a deadbeat dad or s***bag or knat and talks about how you are spending your money on hunting or other things rather than paying child support; if your ex girlfriend mocks you and your wife on their reality show and laughs about setting up visitation times and then not having anyone home when the father arrives; if the mother of your child is a millionaire and spends money lavishly on a lifestyle of the very rich and famous --just maybe a father would be smart to decide that his son's mother is not fit to be a parent and demand custody and let her pay him child support. Common sense should tell the Palins that they are creating a lot of these problems--that Levi can be tromped on by their abuse and personal slams or he can use his money to hire attorneys and forego child support if he cannot afford both. No father should have to put up with the bullying that the Palins are doing in such a public way. Just because they say they are Christians, it does not mean that they are allowed to act like valley trash with no class or family values.

308 days ago


The judge should be shown both parents tax returns--remember that Bristol has all those LLC's and trusts set up--rather than just looking at Levy's tax returns. The Palins should be fined if they discuss the figures on the returns or call Levy names like deadbeat dad owing $66,000 to the media. They are all grownups now and they need to start acting like responsible parents--Tripped doesn't gain anything by being used as the Palin's meal ticket nor does it make the Palins look very classy when they ridicule and bully Levy in public. Sarah is always saying that Bristol is bullied in the media--but two wrongs don't make a right. Time for someone in this trashy family to step up and do what is right. Might be time for the lawyers on both sides to either put a muzzle on all parties or give sole custody to Levy and his wife. Bristol sure didn't learn anything from Wife Swap--and Melissa had excellent results with her spoiled out of control monster.

308 days ago

the DQ    

Interesting side note here, TMZ's article states "...according to legal docs filed by Bristol Palin." and Alaska court records show NOTHING filed by Bristol. Only Levi has taken action for custody.

307 days ago


I'd abandon my kid too, if she was the mother!

306 days ago
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