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Casey Kasem

Judge Denies


11/19/2013 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Kasem
's children will NOT assume control over their ailing father's life -- at least not yet -- a judge just denied their request for a temporary conservatorship ... TMZ has learned.

The Kasem kids went to court to show that Casey's wife Jean is not providing the care he needs ... and banned his own children from seeing him.  

But a judge denied their request for an emergency conservatorship ... saying he has confidence the issue of visitation with the children can be worked out by attorneys on both sides.

The judge also said a temporary conservatorship is not necessary because Casey -- who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's -- is NOT "at risk" and is getting proper treatment at home.  

As we reported, Jean offered the kids a deal ... drop their bid for a conservatorship ... and in return they would each get regularly scheduled, though brief, visits with Casey and notification when he's hospitalized.

The Kasem children rejected that offer.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

These kids of his give me the creeps. It's obvious that he's being well taken care of. He has advanced Parkinson's AND Dementia anything more than a "brief" visit, especially by children he hasn't seen in years would be really taxing on an old man. The fact they turned down what they claimed to have wanted most shows they are really just interested in Dad's cash.

337 days ago


What right does the b~~ch have to keep these kids from seeing their own father!?

337 days ago


Good for the kids why should you have to schedule an appointment to see your dad?

337 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Machinations I say!

337 days ago


Their lucky to get any visitation,it's obvious they want to cash in on his assets. Casey's been married to Jean for a very longtime and she's protected him from these moneygrubbers. His care has been investigated and he's being properly taken care of so what they want isn't to hold their daddies hand,common sense speaks volumes here!

337 days ago


She gave them options and they went to court ``anyway`` and failed!
C`ya later ``BYE `` greedy grown children!
NICE TRY!!!! buy bye now!!

337 days ago


Always thought Jean was an amazing woman. She's not the avg gold digger, she's been with Casey for 30+ yrs. I don't get why she's not letting the kids see their father. It just seems out of character for her. Clearly we aren't getting the full story. Were the kids close to their dad? I'm betting they never came around unless they wanted something.

337 days ago


Kind of sad....I dont know the story personally....and who knows who is right and who is wrong in all of is just sad that this couldn't be resolved in private....but it is hollyweird....

337 days ago


Kids, just because you scream from a mountain top like wild banshees and point the finger so everyone looks at your step mother does not mean you're right or that people will believe your intentions are for the good of your father. Your tactics are overwhelming to your step mom and father, no doubt. But something is not right about your agenda and people can see it even through the chaotic smokescreen you're creating. Give your father space and peace.

337 days ago


There are people in the world who create chaos and discord wherever they go. This group of kids alone and together may do just that when they are in the home visiting their father. They may bring an uneasy feeling that creates a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere not conducive to KK's health. What they're showing us in public is evidence that may be the case and the wife is trying to bring KK some peace and rest in between the tumultuous encounters with the kids??? That is possible.

337 days ago


Boy the roaches really come out of the dark when they smell money. They hadn't been around for YEARS and now all of a sudden, they figure they won't have to 'pretend' to care for too long since he is in such bad shape, so time to make a grab for some monetary gain. This kind of thing just makes me gag!!

337 days ago


Like I've been saying, despite numerous "hate" clicks, the adult children have no case. Good for Jean.

337 days ago


these kids have to face a simple fact -
they're 'stepmother' is in charge,
and they are not going to see a dime for decades.

337 days ago

Dale Latimer    

To all the complainers... this is why we have a justice system. Nobody is that bloody 'stupidt' here. The lawyers will be allowed to present their respective sides when the time comes. And STOP worrying about whether the kids will or won't get a cut of dad's fortune; that was likely decided LONG AGO when he was still of sound mind. dL

336 days ago


TMZ.. Why all the coverage last month but hardly any that Kerri "I just want to see my dad" Kasem did not agree to visitation as her brother and sister did ..and that she did not win any kind of '****'servatorship? Just saying..

305 days ago
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