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Sure, Batkid's in Remission


11/19/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Make-a-Wish Foundation has a message for the cold-hearted jerks who complained Batkid didn't deserve his bat-wish because he's in remission -- HOW DARE YOU?!!

If you haven't heard, Make-A-Wish really outdid itself -- turning San Francisco into Gotham City for 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott, who wanted to be Batman for a day.

Miles has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old, but some (heinous) people on the Internet have had the audacity to say he didn't deserve his wish because he's currently in remission.

Make-A-Wish rep Josh deBerge says that's just wrong, telling us ... "We would never penalize a child for getting better."

According to the rep, when Miles was referred to the foundation he met all three eligibility requirements: 1) a life-threatening medical condition, 2) between 2-and-a-half and 18 years old, and 3) hadn't received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

And Josh says that's all that matters.

Suck it, haters.



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Princess Warrior    

As someone who works with children with cancer, I have to write about the wonderful things that Make a Wish does. Childhood leukaemia is a life-threatening condition. It will kill them without any treatment. Chemo is the most horrible form of medicine you can do. It's actually really great when they go into remission.

The Make A Wish foundation tries to grant wishes when the child is well enough to receive but sometimes brings it forward if needed!

Just because you are in remission, is not a cure (just yet!). I have worked with many children who are relapsed! And some children have even passed away from their leukaemia.

So I would just like to say "shut up!" Batkid DOES have a life-threatening condition!

303 days ago


Guys u can't argue with the facts , it's not that miles does not deserve the wish, it's the fact that other kids meet the criteria. He did not at the time his wish was granted.
dirty d is right all the way good on him for sticking to his guns

303 days ago


Horrible people. Overall because his cancer is currently on remission, meaning, it can come back any day and his kind of cancer, his specific type of cancer, most people dont do it beyong the age of 5. He is incredibly lucky and surely went through hell. Do you imagine the pain the poor child felt?. Stop being so awful, he deserved his wish.

303 days ago


I agree to a certain extent....he could have gotten a visit by batman but to shut down a street was a bit much. His wish was not to shut down the street and simulate a rescue.

Now a way you can tell a little boy he won't see batman is to let him know he has to share wishes with the other sick kids and he is very heroic just like batman to share.....let him see batman yes, but airing him on every news network no. Just my opinion.

Please do not share my email with the public during tmz live.

303 days ago


I haven't heard anyone mention that when anyone is going through Chemo treatments, they are not supposed to be around any people because the chemo kills the good white blood cells along with the cancer cells, so possibly, now is the earliest time that Miles could have done the Batkid routine. Anytime before he could have gotten very sick going out in public. That is why Robin Roberts wasn't allowed out for so long after her cancer treatments. Come on people, grow up, he's just a little kid!

303 days ago


You need to educate yourself on Childhood Cancer before you make stupid comments. The kid was probably in remission right after being diagnosed due to intensive chemotherapy and then most likely had to endure years of additional chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelets transfusions, hospital stays, radiation, doctor visits, weight loss, weight gain, etc . All of this while missing out on being a "normal" child. You are a freaking dingbat idiot and you should go spend a day in a Pediatric cancer clinic for a day and see what these amazing kids and their families go through. ANd then tell them that they are not worthy of any wish.

303 days ago


Anyone who can look at this kid or any child that has had to spend there few short years on this earth suffering and his parents having to wonder how much time he would have left here on earth and can sit there and make stupid ignorant comments about him getting to finally experience some kind of happiness in his life is absolutely sickening shallow and selfish. Witch in my thoughts is the problem with the majority of society today if it isn't the biggest tragedy or the biggest fad or get the most attention then know one wants to be bothered or even cares as long as it doesn't affect them. The fact that any person had to go through what this poor child had to big or small is sad and because this cute little kid got his wish for whatever the reasons it came true does not matter the fact that someone was able to do it for him is GREAT be happy for him he's a child for god sake and doesn't even know about the cruel selfish people he unfortunately has to deal with one day when he grows up like the ones making stupid comments about him not being sick or sick enough. Let him be a kid and enjoy it while he can instead of trying to make him feel bad for being one. Just because it wasn't you or your child getting to save Gotham city you selfish idiots don't hate.
Hope your feeling better and life brings you all you deserve
Good job make a wish
From Nick condos

303 days ago


These are the same people who hate puppies and Christmas. Miserable human beings. God Bless Batkid. Made a lot of people happy that day.

302 days ago


Of course he deserved the wish!!
First of all Make A wish is not only for terminally ill children, it's for children whom have suffered a hardship.
If getting poisioned by Chemo for 2 plus years is not a hardship then let's see you volunteer for such treatments. This is a child we are talking about!! No child deserves to be sick!!! Tell that dumb**** lawyer ******* on TMZ to keep his mouth shut until he has walked in their shoes, such as his child or someone really close to him gets ill. Then come and talk to us about wheather or not a CHILD deserves such a wish. Really you would think being a lawyer he would be a little less ignorant than that. By the way my daughter couldn't fulfill her wish until she actually felt better (Remission) because she was being injected with FN poison for 2 1/2 years!!!!
Smarten up TMZ!!!

301 days ago


Wow! Derek from TMZ
How dare you? What gives you the right to decide if this young boy suffered a life threatening disease..Thank God people way above you decide if this boy should be granted his wish. You piece of sh*t!!!

301 days ago


DISGUSTED to hear this. You have no right to talk unless you have had a child go through a life treating illness. My son also had A.L.L and he did his wish when he finished 3yrs of chemo he was in remission after we returned from his trip he relapsed had a bone marrow transplant remission for two years and then relapsed yet again. And passed away on his 9th birthday. But you think he should not have gotten his wish. Wow. Thank god he did get it and was able to enjoy it.

260 days ago
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