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Sure, Batkid's in Remission


11/19/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Make-a-Wish Foundation has a message for the cold-hearted jerks who complained Batkid didn't deserve his bat-wish because he's in remission -- HOW DARE YOU?!!

If you haven't heard, Make-A-Wish really outdid itself -- turning San Francisco into Gotham City for 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott, who wanted to be Batman for a day.

Miles has been battling lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old, but some (heinous) people on the Internet have had the audacity to say he didn't deserve his wish because he's currently in remission.

Make-A-Wish rep Josh deBerge says that's just wrong, telling us ... "We would never penalize a child for getting better."

According to the rep, when Miles was referred to the foundation he met all three eligibility requirements: 1) a life-threatening medical condition, 2) between 2-and-a-half and 18 years old, and 3) hadn't received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

And Josh says that's all that matters.

Suck it, haters.



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bat-kid rocks!

340 days ago


When will someone break it to this kid that A) Batman wasn't a do***entary and B) cancer doesn't make you special?

340 days ago


Dear TMZ, please do something about these incessant, uber-annoying scammers. Almost every comment on this thread is a scam. It is ridiculous at this point. Figure out a way to ban them. So frustrating.

340 days ago


3% of voters are going to hell.

340 days ago


Gonna try to keep this comment short and simple... When I was in 3rd grade, 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, and I was 1 in 3 kids in Minnesota to have the illness. After 3 years, I finally beat it, but it was hell. I was making almost weekly trips to Minneapolis (2.5 hrs away) and I can't even tell you how many IVs I went through during that time. Not to mention I gained weight like crazy and looked unrecognizable. But as this comment relates to this story, I too was granted a wish from Make-a-Wish, even after my illness wasn't deemed life threatening anymore. Wish I would have thought to be Batkid first. Anyway, to the (few) people thinking he doesn't deserve it, **** yourself. It's hard knowing people going through things like this, but even harder to be the person. This kid went through cancer, survived, and he damn well deserved his day. I applaud Make-a-Wish, and hope to keep seeing stories like Batkid. That kids my hero.

340 days ago


TMZ being such disengenuous ****s here. this article stinks of YOU trying to imply he didnt deserve it but youre hiding behind supposed others suggesting it. Why even do this articke when you dont even have any names to attach this to?

340 days ago


to the 4% people who says he doesnt deserve his wish. go f off. seriously. this is a boy who has cancer wether hes getting better or not he he has cancer and been struggling with it. what make a wish foundation does...they are saints! i remember when i was a kid we helped raise money to make a wish to get a boy his wish which was a computer. so how dare anyone say he doesnt deserve at least something when he has been thro a lot. they are fighting to stay alive and the smallest of things will make a child happy and taking that away from a just messed up.

340 days ago


everybody deserves happiness in their life

340 days ago

Hot head    

That ass from tmz that made that stupid insensitive comment needs to apologize. His ignorance is almost as stupid as the people that hired him. My son is the same age and same cancer as him,cancer is nothing to joke about.

340 days ago

Lars Eighner    

I'm not saying this kid doesn't deserve it. But I am saying that people who are outraged by the question, probably include many people who won't do even a little locally for someone nearby whose big wish might be a change of clothes or a blanket or even a couple of bucks toward a dose of a medication that might them into remission too.

I'm really wondering whether an event this big and so thoroughly touted was really necessary to fulfill this wish. Not to mention the smugness footprint thrown up by the extraneous and vicarious participants.

Does this story make you feel good? Well, guess what. You can get feel good every day if you can find one little extra thing to do for somebody, and you can feel even better if you do without taking a selfie when you do it.

340 days ago


Only a true a-hole would complain about this?

340 days ago

South Beach    

Anyone who would deny a child who has suffered so much in their short life this joy has no soul and I sincerely believe will spend eternity in a special part of H E L L. Have a nice trip.

340 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Remission is just that. Not cured. And I certainly think the foundation is perfectly competent to decide who and who does not qualify. God, some people really are something to begrudge this child!

340 days ago

South Side     

If this kid was Batman does that mean his parents were killed too?

340 days ago

Fred Farkel    

People stink.

Thank you

340 days ago
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