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Jameis Winston

Alleged Rape Victim:

Cops Warned Me to Back Off

11/20/2013 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston allegedly did far more than sexually assault a woman ... she says he RAPED her, and cops then warned her that she was living in Winston country and she had better back down if she knew what was good for her.

The alleged victim just went public with the alleged corrupt investigation by the Tallahassee Police Dept., in which she claims she immediately reported the incident back in December to cops, but was later told, Tallahassee was a big football town and that she would be "raked over the coals" and her life "will be made miserable" if she pursued it. 

And there's more ... The victim says her lawyer repeatedly tried to obtain blood work and DNA results from the crime lab, but was told if she persisted the whole thing would become a public spectacle.

According to the statement, Winston's roommate witnessed the alleged rape but the cop refused to interview him.

TMZ broke the story about the investigation, and the curious timing ... the cops didn't forward the case to prosecutors for 10 months -- EXACTLY ONE DAY after TMZ began poking around and calling the PD.


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Yea right

308 days ago


Why would anyone be surprised that corrupt cops would protect a sports player who has committed rape? In the cities where sports are so important, the cops wouldn't care unless the player committed a violent brutal murder in public in front of hundreds of people. Sports players are celebs in lots of places, and everyone knows there's one law for celebs and another for everyone else. The player will get away with it, just like the others do. The DA will never prosecute either.

308 days ago


super star accused of rape -" man she is just out to ruin him.she is a skank she wanted it"

average joe accused of same crime-" **** that piece of ****.he should have his dick cut off.he better be glad that wasnt my mother or sister.i would have killed him"

308 days ago


For all you potential rapists out there......If a woman is drunk out of her mind and even agrees to go to your place....if you have sex with her while she is passed out....that is RAPE!

308 days ago


The complainant's family attorney who released the statement to the same Tampa Bay Times reporter who started all of this is a 1999 Florida Gator Alumnus... You can find her Florida Bar profile here: http://www.floridabar.org/names.nsf/0/0D5502A5470B612485256A830040E0DA?OpenDo***ent And you can find the TBT story which names her here: http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/statement-police-warned-accuser-about-pursuing-jameis-winston-matter/2153364

308 days ago


all u must FLORIDA STATE fans because if he did he should be in jail and they find out the truth most of u all will retract the statement

308 days ago


Omg. You guys are a bunch of ugly nerds, especially Harvey. Y'all just try to ruin peoples lives. Nick Satan is probably paying you just as much as he is paying that bitch to say Winston did this. L.O.L

308 days ago


One word.....proactive

308 days ago

nice try    

Give me a break this so called family attorney is a fricking Gator!
Let's end this horse crap now. Do we need captain obvious to figure out how this went down?


308 days ago


since when does TMZ get to tell lies over and over. That is not what she said and its sexual assault not rape. she admitted she was drunk. sounds like to me she is trying for her 15 minutes of fame. she refused to talk to the police and her lawyer notified TPD she didn't want to charge anyone . why did she wait a year to say anything? she is after money now. I think since this boy's name has been drug through the mud when he hasn't even been talked to by the police, she should have her name released. why didn't she want the police to investigate? Maybe because it isn't true. Why isn't TMZ checking up on her?

307 days ago


Dion in the 80's and Winston now.......LOL!
They aren't called the Florida State Criminals for nothing!

307 days ago


NCAA should investigate. If the police gave this woman the runaround without filing charges, then any wins by Florida State should be scrutinized. If he did this to one woman, how many other women are out there?

307 days ago


WInston Country…c'mon now…that was ignorant. Now we know that is 100% fabricated. No one in Tallahassee knew who he was at that time - he was a 3rd string red shirt football player. Besides, tired of hearing of a TPD cover up…they have charged and prosecuted PLENTY of players over the years….Greg Dent just this year and he was a STAR player….This story is all hype - bogus

307 days ago


johnny manziel raped that woman!

307 days ago


If a roommate witnesses a rape wouldn't he be charged as an accessory, or complicit? Or something?

307 days ago
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