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Teresa Giudice


I Never Lied About Being a Realtor

11/20/2013 8:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice says she's NOT a dirty, scheming liar who falsely claimed to be a realtor in 2005 just to get a bank loan.

Teresa -- along with her hubby Joe -- just left court in NJ where the couple pled not guilty to 2 new bank fraud charges stemming from allegations they filed a false application to get a $361k mortgage loan.

In the docs, officials say Teresa claimed she was employed as a realtor and made $15k per month. In fact, officials say, Teresa was "not employed outside the home at the time.”
If convicted, T and J could face up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

The new counts bring the total criminal charges against the couple to 41 -- ranging from conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud to bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud and making false statements.


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Hard time for that thieving skank. Tax payers are picking up her tab....

274 days ago


Ah yes --- the smell of prison food when you wake up in the morning. This bitch is in such a state of self denial that she actually believes she did nothing wrong. Well get real baby -- your coming up for the slaughter very soon.... Yes, very soon........ An y you is goin to da pen....

274 days ago


I do think they both need to go to jail.. They really lied a lot to get that money, and that's someone else that gets f--ked when they do that.. I'm sick of these people and sick of seeing them on Bravo they should have been fired.

274 days ago


These 2 are good people, Joe builds the best houses in Jersey and he makes good wine. Teresa is loved and admired by millions . Joe has only had his drivers lic suspended 47 times.and he was given permission to sigh his partners name and the notary name. When the truth comes out T & Juicy will be vindicated as T has promised.

274 days ago


What really GETS me,
Is Bravo keeps them on the show (for ratings), pays her $60...0,000 for the season, which allow them to stay in the home they got illegally !!! This is an insult to every hard working person in this Country!
Now, her children will be able to watch their patents GOING DOWN, and off to prison ! What kind of parents would do that to their children ? A money, hungry, fame obsessed horrible parents, that's who !!!!

Watch Bravo dump them as soon as their convicted (and they will be ), stating they don't associate with crimminal's !!!

This just proves - crime does not pay, and Karma is a bitch. Waiting to watch their JUST reward, total financial ruin and long jail time ! They deserve it

274 days ago


What really GETS me,
Is Bravo keeps her on the show (for ratings), pays her $60...0,000, which lets this bitch live in that house she stoled from the Goverment ! Shame on Bravo !!

Her children will now be able to watch their parents GOING DOWN, on TV. What kind of parent would do that to their child ? A selfish, greedy, fame money fraud, thats who!

Bravo is using them, as soon as they are convicted (and they Will be), Bravo will drop them , stating they don't hire crimminal's! either eay they going to lose everything they worked so fraudent to
receive., Including their freedom. Karma is a bitch
Crime does NOT pay

274 days ago


Remember it's not a lie if you believe it's true.

274 days ago


Send these losers to jail

274 days ago


They are innocence !!! The banks are guilty people!!! They did the loans all across America !!

274 days ago


Are there any males in N.J. who are not obese? Or woman who are not violent or criminal?

274 days ago


Banks across America did fraud loans!!

274 days ago

carol hoousendove    

They are such phoneys they have less than I do ha ha ha ha.

274 days ago


I think prison would do wonders for both of them! She is in DEEP denial that she did anything wrong and he's just so arrogant. They never figured they would get caught and weren't smart enough to realize that when they withdrew the bankruptcy petition, it would raise all sorts of red flags. I can see Teresa flipping on Joe so that she can be on house arrest or probation and be able to stay with her kids. Joe is going down. Someone is going to jail and it's pretty obvious that she's not smart enough to figure out how to commit fraud on the level that they did.

274 days ago


Was pretending to be rich worth it to you two? The mansion, the expensive clothing and shoes, the over priced furniture, was it all worth pretending to be something you are not on a Trash TV show?

The kids get to suffer because of the parent's poor choices.

274 days ago


They got to be loving their EXPENSIVE legal bills.

274 days ago
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