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Sean Penn


'I'll Make You Eat Your Cell Phone!'

11/20/2013 9:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn went nuclear on a fan in a fancy San Francisco hotel last night -- threatening to jack the guy up after Sean caught him trying to sneak a cell phone pic ... and TMZ has the explosive footage.

Penn was at the Lobby Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in the Financial District ... when he saw a flash go off from another patron's cell phone and realized the guy was trying to take a photo.

A witness at the bar tells TMZ ... Penn bolted after the guy (who wasn't a paparazzo) ... and screamed at him, "Do we look like f**king zoo animals?"

Penn -- who was in town to speak at a sales conference -- also grabbed the man's phone and slammed it to the ground.

That's when our video begins ... and you can hear Penn yelling, "I'll make you eat the phone ... get the f**k out of here!!"

Moments later, a clearly irritated Penn complained to hotel management -- and can be heard saying, "You should do something about that."

We're told hotel management approached the fan and asked him if he wanted to call the police -- but the man declined and then left the bar. 

FYI -- we're also told the man had attended the sales conference where Sean was speaking and was wearing his name tag at the time of the bar confrontation.

We reached out to the St. Regis -- but they have no comment.


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So, let me get this straight: some actor was in a public place, a guy took his picture, and the actor then threatens the guy and destroys his property. I don't know much about the law, but isn't that assault and destruction of property? Isn't that a crime? And yes, Sean: you DO look like a zoo animal.

301 days ago


serious question is, why would any company hire him to speak at a sales conference? loser.

301 days ago

Wrongfully accused    

Sean Penn should be happy that someone want to take a picture of him. How's the oscars working out for ya?

301 days ago


Looks like the 80's Sean Penn is back! He has a point, they aren't zoo animals. I never understood how being in the performing arts makes private lives public. In a sense, unless you, write books in a secluded cabin your whole life, you work in the "public".

301 days ago


No not zoo animals...CELEBRITIES! When are these celebrities going to understand, the problem for them starts when people no longer want a picture of you! They can't have it both ways. They want fame and money, but then once they get it they want to be left alone! Pick one! Pictures come with the territory! Get a job as a cashier somewhere and no one will want a picture of you!

301 days ago


****ing jackass...if you don't want people to take pictures then you shouldn't have been an actor. Why don't you think about the millions of dollars you have because of guys like this and stop acting like such a douche. His talent was always overrated anyways.

301 days ago


Yes, Sean Penn, you do look like a monkey, and you certainly are acting like one. You're not very informated, or else you would know that it is legal for anyone to take pictures of anyone in a public place. Celebrities have the option of changing the law regarding how close a photograp can be to a celebrity, but they never do that, because they secretly want to be photograhed so they have an excuse to act outraged in public.

301 days ago


It's a picture, get over yourself!! You're lucky u still have fans that want ur pic!! And what's wrong with the fan that didn't pursue action!? I don't give a crap who u are, u slam my phone on the ground we're gonna have a effin problem!!!!

301 days ago

river rat    

This neanderthal has an ugly temper to match his ugly face. Not one dime of my money will ever go into his pocket!

301 days ago


Things have been tough on Penn since Hugo Chavez past away. Then he though the US would become socialist and then become a communist country but now the healthcare website is screwing all that up. Its just to much for Sean to handle.

301 days ago


I see TMZ had redesigned their page the better for those tapping their tablet masses. Ugh.

Anywho, Sean, you're in a public place and you are not considered a "private" person so the fact that your whiny butt didn't like the pic being taken is too effing bad.

301 days ago


Back to his Falcon and the Snowman roots.

301 days ago


To be fair, the guy should have asked him if he could take a pic.

But I do agree, these celebs wanted the fame and adulation to start off and then once their heads are so swollen, they freak out when they get what it is they wanted ti begin with.

I wonder what he would have said before he was famous if he was told people are going to be taking pics of you.

I would mess with Kanye before I would with him though.

301 days ago


After all these years & experience sean penn has with the crappy parts of being a celebrity/ movies star ' I cant understand why he always acts so immature when someone trys to take a photo of him? Its a part of being famous. Celebs have been under the radar of paparazzi way before Penn was born & will continue on long after Penn is gone from this world.

301 days ago


What a piece of garbage penn is, I hope nobody ever goes to his movies or wants a pic or interview with that creep, really? Like you ungrateful piece of crap little weasel.

301 days ago
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