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Sylvia Browne

World Famous Psychic DEAD

11/20/2013 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World famous psychic Sylvia Browne -- who appeared on all sorts of TV shows including "Montel" "Larry King Live" and "Unsolved Mysteries" -- has passed away .. TMZ has learned.

Browne specialized in psychic detective work, and attempted to help on several missing person cases ... with varying results. 

Browne's son, Chris, tells TMZ ... Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends.  She was 77.

Browne most recently took heat after famously announcing that Amanda Berry had died after she went missing in 2003 ... because, as we all know now, she wasn't dead.  Sylvia chalked up the misinformation as a simple mistake.

The following message was just posted on Sylvia's Facebook page, "Sylvia graduated today. She was surrounded by family and friends. What a legacy. She shared so much. We will carry on her knowledge with hypnosis and Journey of the Soul and her many books. What a great party they must be having on the Other Side. Bless everyone."


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God bless you Sylvia always wanted a reading from you. I hope you can hear me like you use to say. They are right here with you. Have many of your Books as well. You you will be missed kind lady! =)

337 days ago


only God knows future not a psychic

337 days ago

LF Gonzalez    

Good riddance. That woman was a jackal. At least she's not going to scam anybody else now.

337 days ago


That's sucks!! Did'nt know she was sick.

337 days ago


I predicted that.

337 days ago


She also told Sean Hornbeck's family that he was dead and low and behold he's not either.

337 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I think we all, at some point, have feelings of what is to be. It may be good or bad, but usually we do not know who all is involved. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. If people saw fit to pay her, so be it. If I really had a gift of knowing, I would not charge for it. My condolence to her family.

337 days ago


I guess she got this one wrong too....Yowzas!!

337 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Even though it's been alleged that she picked the gullible clean... R.I.P.

337 days ago


All the grieving people who received an incorrect prediction from her should get a part of her estate......which probably adds up to some Lee Press-Ons and a carton of Virginia Slims.

337 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

I wonder why psychics just don't predict the winning powerball lottery numbers and win a kazillian dollars for themselves?... Just sayin'

337 days ago


Honestly not trying to be mean. I watched this women operate very carefully and I believe i was witnessing pure evil. When u can lie with a straight face to another human being about their ultimate pain. And the most important thing to this so called women is not the truth or compassion. But instead to run her scam at their expence. Wow the nerve of this women is VERY scary indeed. This kind of women may not be capable of murder but she would make the perfect wife for a serial killer. She could look a worried parent right in the eye and tell them their child is diffinitly not buried in the back yard. What a creepy broad. Makes my skin crawl to listen to her. And the people on this site saying nice things about her. u r either very bad judges of character or perhaps something deeper. but lets be clear. EVERYTHING SHE TELLS THESE GRIEVING PEOPLE IS COMPLETELY MADE UP. A very convincing liar is mostly a sociopathic trait.

337 days ago

Blue Lake    

One less dangerous fraud in the world.

337 days ago


She mislead millions about Heaven and death. The bible clearly states that once you are dead there is no more communication with the living or God. The dead are asleep until judgement day. There is not judgement going on every minute someone dies, which is millions daily. Think about that. People are not and will never be angels. Angels are separate beings form humans. No one dead is up in Heaven looking down on you watching over you. All un-true details everyone thinks is true because they do not read the Word of God for themselves. You trusted what Sylvia had to say. She will pay for it all. God has one day coming for judgement and all will be there. If she had the gift which some really do as told in the bible, she was getting all information from demons that were present at the death event. That is how psychics can know details. There are "witnesses" at all events. angels on Gods side and fallen angels on Satans side. The ones with Satan are the ones communicating with soothsayers. Beware, you open doors to evil by fooling with psychics. No joke. If she knew The One true living God of the Bible who is in Heaven, she would never had used her gift to lead people away from Him and into sorcery. If you go to these people, stop and repent, turn around back to God. You could die today too. No second chances. Once dead, no forgiveness, you must do this while you are living. You cannot talk your way in once you see Him and how glorious Heaven is. You will be damned forever to hell. Literally. Don't believe me, fine. One day God will remind you I warned you.

337 days ago


And Montel Williams has been set free!

337 days ago
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