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Jameis Winston Accuser

That's NOT Me in Nightclub Pic

11/21/2013 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The accuser in the Jameis Winston rape case had NO relationship with the FSU football star before the night of the incident ... she didn't even know him .... sources connected to the alleged victim tell TMZ Sports. 

Furthermore ... this photo (above) which is circulating -- showing Winston in an embrace with a blonde woman at a Tallahassee nightclub -- is NOT the accuser.

The lawyer for the alleged victim tells TMZ Sports ... both she and her client have viewed the pic and the woman "is definitely not her."

Winston is now contending that he did have sex with the accuser but it was consensual.   The revelation came after DNA testing linked Winston with the woman.

We reached out to Jameis' lawyer for comment -- but he wouldn't return our calls.

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Ok, for those of you that cant understand what is being said here, allow me to explain... 1st, the ACCUSER is the girl whom claims to have been raped, and she is saying that is NOT her in the pic, due to the accused claiming it was consensual, and not rape.. So she is discrediting consensual sex, due to the fact that the pic the defense is useing as a defense tool, is NOT her... So, in retrospect, if it were her in said pic, then the defense claiming the sex was consensual gets stronger, due to a pic s/a this with her and him on that night... However, if Not her, it instead discredits that defense, because they are trying to prove it was not a rape, and instead consensual... Jeez people in early post, read the title before commenting...

304 days ago


Furthermore, if Jameous is innocent, then the evidence should show that, however, if he raped a girl, he desrves to go to prison, just like any other person whom breaks the law in any aggresive manner, people, pull yourself out of the fan perspective, and imagine that it were you, your daughter, your wife, sister, mother... and why attack tmz, they do nothing more than report the stories that sell... this is 1 of those stories

304 days ago


Why isn't TMZ reporting all the internet information. Her picture going to the FSU vs. Miami game? That she is indeed from the same area as the 'leak'. That allegedly she did indeed know Winston and was upset his girlfriend was coming the following day. If she was not intoxicated , as she now claims, then Winston is a brutal rapist and belongs in jail or she is lying to smear a young man with a bright future and she belongs in jail. Her name is out there and Facebook, twitter all pretty empty. Who deletes mints of info? Not me. No reason to.

304 days ago


I actually trust tmz to get the right story I always come here to get proof and they usualy are never wrong

304 days ago


What was the source of the DNA? A hair? Saliva? Skin cells? If it was seminal fluid, then they would have said it was that. They didn't, and Winston said he had consensual sex with her to his attorney back in February - long before the DNA test was done. He told his friends that as well on the night of the party December 7, 2012.

But, their lawyer is falsely claiming that he said it after the test. Typical lawyer crap.

There's a lot of money to be made here and the lawyer is ginning it up as much as possible.

There was a player last year suspended from FSU's team after he was charged with 2nd degree sexual battery, so there is no cover-up by the police or the school.

The timing is suspect as well. Nobody knew how well he would perform until he took the field in September, and only when FSU gets into position to play for the National Championship and Jameios is in line for a Heisman does this case pop up on TMZ.

No coincidence here.

Get the story straight - for once.

302 days ago


Too bad yall spend your time trying to make stories instead of being real reporters or journalists and just cover the news. Secondly shouldn't you at least keep your "stories" relevant like showing a picture of Jameis and a girl that you say specifically isn't the girl in question. Lastly why don't you report that the girl that is ACCUSING and I repeat ACCUSING Jameis of doing this terrible act was outed by her own friends and roommates as to having a prior relationship with him and in fact creating a social media group called the #FSUCleatChasers aka Athlete Groupies... so before you spread your filth at least try to know WTF your talking about.

301 days ago


98% of white girls will not consider dating or dancing or hanging with a black guy. Consentual? A rapist trying to hide behind a politically correct (ur racist if doubted) defense.

295 days ago
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