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Jameis & Accuser

New Evidence Connects Them

11/21/2013 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1121-tmz-sportsTMZ Sports broke the story ... the photo of Jameis Winston and a chick in a nightclub is NOT related to the rape investigation -- but now that there's DNA evidence linking him to the actual victim ... is this case blowing up in the FSU star's face? And did the cops screw him over?

Plus, ex-NFL stud Eddie George joined us to reveal the truth about his rivalry with Ray Lewis. We tackled one particular NFL rumor with him, head-on -- and found out why he's all about Shakespeare now!

And, Hulk Hogan also called in to talk about a possible Wrestlemania reunion with the WWE -- and why we might soon need an extra large desk right here in our newsroom.


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Flying Blind    

thank you for taking all this sports crap off the TMZ main site.

334 days ago

Flying Blind    

i sold Ray Lewis some furniture when I ran a store in Dallas. I dealt with Michael Irvin right after he got signed with Dallas. He laid out a row of 100 dollar bills for a bedroom set and I had to turn him down. But he came through the day with the rest of the cash.

334 days ago


The truth...

The latest reports and/or rumors seem to be that Jameis was having a consensual and ongoing relationship with the accuser, that the accuser's roommate and a current football player were both present during the time of the alleged incident (and have submitted sworn affidavits via the defense attorney to that fact), and that the accuser became angry with Jameis prompting the initial complaint of sexual assault to the TPD afterwards.

1) With reports leaking last night that the DNA evidence matched Winston, the sky began to fall for a lot of people. But Jansen spoke with the media today and said he "was not surprised" by the results, that "they were expected," "we voluntarily submitted the DNA sample last Thursday" and "our position has not changed since day one" "...we have nothing to hide." These statements confirm that Winston's stance has always been one of a consensual encounter. If you've seen his cooler-than-ice demeanor since all this started, that makes perfect sense.

2) According to "insiders" the accuser got angry with Jameis at some point (when he left?) and called the police to report a sexual assault, but changed her mind before the officers arrived on scene. To save face and not have to admit to them that she had made the story up, she fabricated the wildly different description of a 5'9", 240lb straight haired assailant; about as anti-Jameis a description as she could think of. The witness affidavits purportedly support this version of events. We know that Jameis's girlfriend was on a plane to come visit him as all of this was going down, so him leaving the accuser to go wait for his girl to arrive sure sounds like a plenty good reason to piss off the mistress. Later when she comes to her senses and realizes the gravity of her actions, her story starts to change and later in February she ceases contact with the investigators altogether.

3) But the "family statement" is very accusatory and contradicting to the notion of a consensual relationship! The accusing party's aggressive stance in the past week doesn't jive. Yes it does! The family attorney is now attempting to protect the accuser from potentially catching charges on filing a false/malicious accusation against a public figure (wasting countless man hours, investigative resources and taxpayer dollars in the process), to protect her from possible civil litigation and to protect her from an outraged public when details of the case make it to the wild. The family attorney is doing this by aggressively pointing fingers at the TPD to sew doubt into the validity of the investigation and by attempting at all costs to conceal the identity of the accuser.

334 days ago

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