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Lamar Odom

Cracked Out Rap Video

I Cheated on Khloe

11/22/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom's drug problem is only getting worse -- at least that's how it looks in this video, shot this month and obtained by TMZ, showing Lamar incoherently rapping without his shirt on ... talking about drugs, making money without the NBA, and cheating on Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar appears out of it, rapping about making money off his fragrance "Unbreakable," and how he smokes drugs to make "the pain go away." He even drops Kanye's name.

But the crazy part -- Lamar raps, "And when Khloe's out of town / I still be on the DL." His friend then follows up, "You know what it is / We the QU [Queens] pimps / Ask any of these shorties / We ran through their cribs."

Translation: when Khloe's away, Lamar will play.

As we reported, Lamar's currently training hard in Rhode Island, trying to get his ass back in shape for the NBA -- but drugs are still obviously a big part of his life.

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No Avatar

No name    

WOW!! He was too drunk/high to do some stupid stuff like that on camera. Where are your REAL friends? You're family/publicists/handlers, etc) are they to help or hamper you? ,Rule #! DO NOT CREATE EVIDENCE The tape looks bad. #DUMMY... Career OVER

146 days ago

lisa m    

His childhood friend is a loser. Sold Lamar out.
Drugs & alcohol will take everything you have.
Damn Lamar you had it all. Unbreakable I think not she has men lining up to replace you. The girl loved her some you.

146 days ago

The world is disgusting    

oh LAWD! This a a PA to stay away from crack and Kardashians!! Sad! Sad! SAD!

146 days ago


TMZ man you guys are horrible! I get it you want to be right about Khloe leaving the man. But what you don't understand is so what if she leaves him or stays. He's still gonna have money and any chick he choose. Real talk she's my favorite because she's a real down ass chick and he doesn't deserve her but if she decides too let her decide that and stop ****ing hating.

146 days ago


That was almost as bad as Kanye's new video. Almost. Uh huh honey.

146 days ago


damn...I heard she got tested; she better keep getting tested; dudes get cracked out and do sexual acts with other men; wonder if she will still be flashing her ring after this...

146 days ago


I hope NOW she divorces him!! He keeps making her look like a fool..

146 days ago


TMZ: Exactly WHY did you post this video? Did you do it for his 3 children to watch? Did you do it to embarrass and tarnish him to the world and future employers? Lamar has a serious problem and needs professional help and for TMZ to exploit a person at their worst time is a revolting, atrocious and egregious PLANNED act by TMZ.

146 days ago


"And when Khloe's out of town / I still be on the DL.".... DL = Down Low, which is street talk for 2 "straight" black men having sex with each other...

146 days ago


Too bad she had too find out the hard way that black men are the worst on this planet... Kim will find out too

146 days ago

get real    

I still Be. This is Ghetto Talk... Why do the Kards want to be with Ghetto? They must be Proud. Con West. L Odom. Kards have a Low self esteem after all. This kind of Human is all they can get I guess. Such Class. They Must of Hung around OJ and Nichole to long and though Big Black OJ was it. A shame!

146 days ago


And it is obvious by this Kardashian payed for article that Khloe and the K Klan are out to make sure He doesn't get a chance to renew his career........Another assassination shoot straight to the mans heart by TMZ and the K Klan....aren't you so proud of yourself.......

146 days ago


People act like white men don't cheat...white men don't do drugs...come on people. He's not a pathetic 'black' man he's just a pathetic man period. There are great men and horrible men in every race.

146 days ago


I feel so sorry for Lamar. This guy is used horribly by his friends and father. So sad. Hope he cleans himself up for good.

146 days ago


I made an account just to comment on this...Lamar Odom just told the world he is on the DL and gay...besides the fact that he literally said he is on the D (which only refers to sex with men) at 1:20 you can clearly hear him refer to this other man when he says "And the boy right here, he got good taste"...He is clearly talking about the other man...smh.

146 days ago
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