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George Zimmerman

Gun Group Fronting Him $$$

'We Regret Nothing'

11/23/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ohio gun group that cut George Zimmerman a $12K check to protect him after the Trayvon Martin verdict  tells TMZ ... they’d do it all over again, despite this week's domestic violence arrest.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation
was indignant the FBI took George's guns away during the trial, especially because Zimmerman was getting a slew of death threats.  So it held a fundraiser and raked in $12,150.37.

As for how Buckeye feels now that Zimmerman can't go a month without screwing up ... they simply say he hasn't been convicted of anything and he's presumed innocent.  So, no regrets.

No word on whether the group will be raising money for Zimmerman this time around.


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The Buckeye Firearms Foundation should do their due diligence and pick their focus of support a little more wisely rather then risk losing all credibility.

337 days ago


Honestly who gives a **** about George Zimmerman anymore stop giving him publicity and he will go away so people will stop bitching like these comments

337 days ago



337 days ago


We won't be doing business with that company anymore.

337 days ago


GZ needs to support himself with his own business. I propose he learn to crochet and he can make gun cozies. You know to sit on the counter and go with any decor? Get on that George.

337 days ago

rabbit ears    

Their supporting him because they hate blacks PLAIN AND SIMPLE. There really is no assuming to the point. You have people who life objective is to hurt the psyche and emotionally damage blacks. Descendants of slave overseers have made their beds on the other side . Enjoy your hatred while it last :-)

337 days ago

Real n the field    

ya know, when your guilty of the past, racist whiteys go out by the droves and buy guns to protect them from the fear of a Black Reprisal!...when actually, its been do***ented through out history, White Mobs have attacked blacks, and black townships since slavery was abolished!
Notice that, when slavery was the LAW OF AMERICA, blacks were not being attacked as much, because they were
making the whitey man money, and living right up under them, but as soon as all that changed, there fake asses
resorted to moving far away as possible, and lived every second of there miserable life, trying to find ways to keep the very same people that build the foundation of AMERICA down.


God why, oh why, did you let the DEVIL, create White people!..oh i forgot, its because SATAN, was jealous of your beautiful creation of blacks, and he sought out to emulate you, and create a species "Opposite" of your creation, and made sure they would be constantly harassed , until the Second coming of Christ..
Spoiler Alert: Jesus was not whites orginated in Africa/Middle East, just as no BLACKS were of orginated in Europe...Duuuuuh.
have a good day :)

337 days ago


i bet the buckeye gun men would also suck georges kock cus they love this fat pig sooo much

337 days ago


Who fronted him $$ the KKK? This guy will pay ..Karmas a btch

337 days ago


These types never have regrets or admit wrong doing.. It's beneath them.

336 days ago


As shown below, this man INCITES anger. Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Telltale Heart" - a story about a man who murdered another man. He got away with the 'perfect crime', but he was betrayed in the end by his conscious. It happened to OJ Simpson, too. The man just couldn't avoid trouble after his acquittal and he's now serving lots of years in a Las Vegas prison.
GZ will not go quietly into the night. Black, white, or day-glo green - he will kill again and and plead self-defense because he's a sociopath who will continually blame someone else.

336 days ago


TMZ fix your like hate buttons

336 days ago


Set him up in a therapeutic situation if ye wanna help.

Stipulate the 12K go to the guy's emotional/frail health.

Bring Dr. Phil in - let him set something up for George.

Guns are great if there's appropriate mental health.

Trayvon's life/memory will best be served by an acknowledge.

That he shouldn't have been shot.

That he was a kid walking around like any other kid.

Accosted by an unwell man "on patrol" with a firearm.

336 days ago

Intelligent & Employed    

He needs to be locked up before he "Murders" again..Or even better someone should pop him so we dont have to feed the "Low Life" in jail again

336 days ago

ima toole    


336 days ago
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