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George Zimmerman

Gun Group Fronting Him $$$

'We Regret Nothing'

11/23/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ohio gun group that cut George Zimmerman a $12K check to protect him after the Trayvon Martin verdict  tells TMZ ... they’d do it all over again, despite this week's domestic violence arrest.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation
was indignant the FBI took George's guns away during the trial, especially because Zimmerman was getting a slew of death threats.  So it held a fundraiser and raked in $12,150.37.

As for how Buckeye feels now that Zimmerman can't go a month without screwing up ... they simply say he hasn't been convicted of anything and he's presumed innocent.  So, no regrets.

No word on whether the group will be raising money for Zimmerman this time around.


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ima toole    


301 days ago


Don't call it domestic violence TMZ. It's obvious his girlfriend is just causing all of this. I doubt he even pointed a gun at her.

301 days ago


People, the good news is that, even thought these folks make the news frequently, it's only because they're so bizarre. Their numbers are dwindling; that's the fact. So rest easy... America IS becoming a place where we can stand up and be proud again. It'll just take a little time. Be patient.

301 days ago


Kel Tec Guns and The Buckeye Firearms Foundation both condone Murder.

301 days ago


As it should be! He's constitutionally protected until he commits a crime. If he commits a crime then he should do the time. But as of yet, he's done absolutely nothing wrong (except for the fact that he's an idiot.)

301 days ago


no lack of stupid, lost causes in this country smh

301 days ago

arale norimaki    

george zimmerman assaulted a cop, twisted a women ankle at a bar, has been accused of domestic violence against his previous fiancé, stalking people,animal cruelty bullying his coworker, road rage, bullying his neighbors, se xually molested girls, spread derogatory stereotypes about Mexicans.Pulled a gun on a UPS delivery man. Was on various prescription drugs with known, violent side. Shot a unarmed kid in the heart. Who he was stalking and frustrated MAD about his wife not being in their home. No wonder he had such aggression towards "these punks that always get away".. His exact words! No wonder he pursued Trayvon. looking for an altercation.Zimmerman Hid Second Passport, Lied About Money He was mad, in a bad mood from obvious personal reasons with the wife. Accused of threatening wife and father in law as well as assaulting him, is on video trying to destroy evidence that can be used against him and so on and so forth yet. Zimmerman was involved in a situation involving domestic violence with a gun on new girlfriend. Scheibe’s daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman. Mason said that message was a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe I guess for many people the man can do no wrong. No wonder he seems to feel like he can get away with anything, for the most part it seems like he can

I don't begin to understand it. He's not just a hypothetical loose cannon--he's already killed once. I believe he's being enabled into taking another life, because the only message he's gotten from the law or the courts is that there are no real consequences. In fact, he's in worse trouble for breaking a glass table top with a gun (presumably the handle/butt) than he was for shooting an unarmed teenage boy. A random table is worth more than a kid's life. So of course he's going to rage on, until he crosses a line in a huge way, and every bit of what's happened since that shooting is the fault of a legal system (in Florida) which has come to enable sociopaths.”

“Who is really surprised by this? He think he is above the law.

It is amazing how poorly the investigation in the Trayvon Martin Case was conducted. If Zimmerman's real background was investigated properly, these things should have been brought to light, and allowed to become evidence. There is no dought in my mind that he deliberately killed Trayvon Martin.That right the only ******* that always get always it's you george zimmerman.Zimmerman will continue to commit violent acts until someone lays down the law. He NEEDS to do some type of time ... He thinks he is invincible

George Zimmerman is about as worthless as the Kardashian's

301 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Zimmerman suffers from penis anxiety stemming from his micropenis. This causes him to have anger towards black men who are known for having larger penises, and towards his wives and girlfriends who no longer respect him after seeing and experiencing his micropenis. He uses guns to compensate for his tiny member and give him confidence. His supporters suffer from the same affliction.

301 days ago

See this is why I really can't get on board with gun groups. They just really say and do stupid things to prove a point that is a little on the selfish side.

301 days ago


GZ wasn't charged with anything after his gold digger wife made up a story, and he won't be charged with anything this time with the loony gold digger girlfriend either. The only thing GZ is guilty of is a crappy taste in women.

301 days ago


GZ isn't going to get charged with anything. Again. He has a lot of people out to get him, and your bitter loser tears are fun to laugh at.

301 days ago


Absolutely doubt this sorry excuse for a human being will get what he has coming to him one way or another justice will prevail.

301 days ago



301 days ago


Sweet old,dee mah crow cee.

301 days ago


Too funny, Buckeye Firearms facebook page is whining about this article

301 days ago
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