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Bill Maher

Catholics Demand Boycott

One Priest Joke Too Many

11/25/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1125_bill-maher_catholic_league_TMZ The leading Catholic rights group in America wants to organize their own hate campaign -- because they hate the anti-religious hatred they claim Bill Maher spews on his show ... and now it's calling for network execs to kill Bill's show for good. 

The Catholic League -- which has had issues with Maher for years -- now say "Real Time with Bill Maher" finally crossed the line after a recent guest went nuts bashing Catholicism.

The guest -- author Dan Savage -- was ragging against a bishop who claimed kids adopted by gay parents have a higher chance of suicide.  Savage's retort: "He's confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests." Dan referred to them as "kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests."

Savage's remarks incensed the org ... so they sent a list of every "anti-Catholic" statement ever mentioned on the show -- going as far back as '98 -- asking every bishop to write Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, urging him to give the show the ax.


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Lily Daisy    

Perhaps Bill just needs some new material! I despise what Catholic pedophile priests got away with, and still get away with, I'm sure, but I also don't like the self serving smirk that's always on Bill Maher's face and what his lifestyle stands for either!

331 days ago


They should put their energies into watching what their priests are doing and not attacking Maher. I personally cannot stand the sight of Maher but the Catholic church has spent decades covering up rape of innocent children by priests and it's disgusting. Burn in hell, pedophiles!!

331 days ago


I'm Catholic, and I NEVER miss "Real Time with Bill Maher". He has said quite a few times how much he loves the new Pope. Since he is encouraging the church to be more accepting, instead of all hellfire and brimstone. And I couldn't agree more.

Bill does offend me sometimes when he goes off into his anti-religion, anti-Catholic speeches. But he is anti religion. So any offense I feel, I asked for it by watching him. It's not like he keeps it a secret. If it offends you that much, don't watch him. And I am pretty sure the only reason he zeros in on Catholics, is because he was raised Catholic.

331 days ago


Hollywood is afraid of Christan. In fact HOLLYWOOD HATES CHRISTIANITY because it's the only institution left in this country that (barely) stands for morality.
Dan Savage, is poster boy for HIV/AIDS (and not in a good way). I'm sure Bill Maher, another disgusting Jew thought it was hilarious. Jews and gays think their sh!t doesn't stink and they can attack Christianity--because they're VICTIMS.

331 days ago


Bill Maher loves it whenever anyone says something demeaning about ANY religion. He HATES anything to do with God, religion, etc. I would not watch his program ever, he is a Hugh Hefner wannabe.

331 days ago


Dan Savage is ugly inside and out. He needs professional help.

331 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@KarenJJ: Society, -not unlike other urgent issues- has been covering-up the abuse of Children for years.
Please, don't make me name "Icon" names.

In the future, your "suggestions" to me, are
best kept to yourself.

331 days ago


So if you make a comment about Gays or a minority and everyone is up in arms, calling for him to be fired. But it is ok to make fun of Catholics. Well I am calling on the network to fire him, his staff and for everyone to boycott the station and their sponsors.

331 days ago


Yay Bill Maher. It's about time somebody stood up to those pedophiles catholics, including the priests, bishops, and also the church administrators who relocate the pedophiles from city to city once they become exposed. I really wish educated, intelligent people would realize that religions are cults, all of them. Nobody can prove what happened thousands of years ago, and so, nobody should be claiming to. It is highly possible that nobody knows how we came to be here, and it is highly possible that there is no god according to what christians, muslims or buddists say...which, by the way, all claim to have different gods. I don't know how we got here, but I do know that the Bible is full of contradictions and coincidences.

331 days ago


Im Catholic and Im not offended.....its jokes....what I am offended by are all the pedophile priests that the Catholic Church hides behind the Vatican Walls

331 days ago


I saw the show and Dan didn't say anything that wasn't true. Too bad the Catholic church doesn't do the right thing and admit their guilt and complicity in the coverups.

331 days ago


Bill Maher rules!! You don't like what he says or what his guests say -then do not watch the show.

331 days ago


I'm catholic and don't think the show should be cancelled. When I don't like a show I simply don't watch it.

331 days ago


Ha! Like Bill cares. He's not a believer.
When catholic clergy stop raping little boys and they atone for the past in a meaningful way, then I might care what they say. But not likely. They have messed up WAY more lives than Bill.

331 days ago


Catholic here and I got to say as much as Bill Maher annoys me, at the same time he makes me laugh and I usually agree with him

331 days ago
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