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Debbie Rowe

Murray Will Be Dead

I'll Buy the Bullet

11/25/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1225_debbie_rowe_murray_tmz_gettyDebbie Rowe is furious Conrad Murray trashed her in a new interview, and she tells TMZ ... she'll gladly buy a particularly lethal bullet to help end the doctor's life.

Rowe is "disgusted" by Murray's comment ... that he and Michael used to joke that neither would want to have sex with her.

Rowe fired back to TMZ, saying she believes within 18 months, "A Jackson fan will shoot him dead, and I'd buy the bullet."  Rowe added, "I wouldn't shoot him but I'd buy the bullet ... a hollowpoint."  FYI ... a hollowpoint bullet essentially eviscerates the target's insides.

And Rowe goes on, telling us, "If I had a dog as ugly as him [Murray] I'd shave its ass, make it walk backwards and put a wig on it."  And, she says, "It takes 2 to f**k and there's not enough alcohol in the world."

Rowe, who raises horses on her ranch, says, "At least I can breed.  he can't even write prescriptions anymore."

She's also indignant that Murray is claiming MJ took his own life by injecting himself with the fatal dose of Propofol while the Dr. was out of the room.  She says, "It's so disgusting he's trashing the dead.  The jury sure didn't buy his story."



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It's always a good idea to take the high road. Debbie Rowe would have been better off not responding in kind and stooping to his level. Murray is going to hang himself if you give him enough time. All he has now is sensationalism and that gets old quickly.

277 days ago


She looks like a man. Makes sense since MJ liked little boys.
She says "At least she can breed." She admits she breeds with horses. EWE, gross!

277 days ago


mj fans be like..."mj wasnt a druggie.all of those prescription drugs in other peoples names where planted there by haters"

277 days ago


He must have hit a nerve and she decided to stoop to and then below his level. She should be focusing on the welfare of those children, not worrying about what others say or think. That's a whole lot of anger, immature, and poor choice of wording. She's basically saying she'd support murder, yet at the same time is angry at Murray for murdering Jackson. Not everyone will like you lady, just like you don't like Murray, put on your big girl panties and move forward.

277 days ago


Debbie Rowe is the only decent one out of this whole saga . . . children excepted.

277 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Well said Ms. Rowe.
He's no longer relevant. No one cares what he has to say anymore. He's not worth the cost of a bullet. Ignore him.

277 days ago


I think they both sounding disgusting now!! Please can we just let Michael rest in peace! What about his children?!

277 days ago


You go Debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

277 days ago


she is correct...but first he should get kokslapped by the corpse kok he claimed to have held.

277 days ago


The real reason Wacko is worm food is because he was weak and nobody would tell him no.

277 days ago


Says the woman who sold her children to a pedophile.

277 days ago

Ali go to school you fool    

DR is a low class POG. She should hang her giant head in shame for handing kids over to a drug addict who couldn't even care for his sick self. I think the police should investigate her for inciting the nutcase Wacko worshippers to murder someone. DR, you were exposed for the sham you are. Too bad. Murray has a lot more to say.

277 days ago


Debbie... OBVIOUSLY... has some mental problems herself! Let's start with the facts... MJ AND... Debbie did NOT have sex to create HER children! Debbie SOLD her children to MJ! Debbie did it ALL... for the money! Debbie is MANLY looking AND... could probably take on Murray AND... win with a knock out punch! Debbie used MJ... just like everyone else did! Debbie makes me sick!! My heart goes out to these 3 children...

277 days ago


Has there ever been a DNA testing for the kids to prove paternity? They certainly don't look like the Jacksons!

277 days ago

devil's advocate    

Conrad was wrong to talk about Michael's kids, but Deb's comments sounds like murder for hire, she may have gotten herself into trouble, especially if someone decides to take her up on her offer.

277 days ago
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