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Debbie Rowe

Murray Will Be Dead

I'll Buy the Bullet

11/25/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1225_debbie_rowe_murray_tmz_gettyDebbie Rowe is furious Conrad Murray trashed her in a new interview, and she tells TMZ ... she'll gladly buy a particularly lethal bullet to help end the doctor's life.

Rowe is "disgusted" by Murray's comment ... that he and Michael used to joke that neither would want to have sex with her.

Rowe fired back to TMZ, saying she believes within 18 months, "A Jackson fan will shoot him dead, and I'd buy the bullet."  Rowe added, "I wouldn't shoot him but I'd buy the bullet ... a hollowpoint."  FYI ... a hollowpoint bullet essentially eviscerates the target's insides.

And Rowe goes on, telling us, "If I had a dog as ugly as him [Murray] I'd shave its ass, make it walk backwards and put a wig on it."  And, she says, "It takes 2 to f**k and there's not enough alcohol in the world."

Rowe, who raises horses on her ranch, says, "At least I can breed.  he can't even write prescriptions anymore."

She's also indignant that Murray is claiming MJ took his own life by injecting himself with the fatal dose of Propofol while the Dr. was out of the room.  She says, "It's so disgusting he's trashing the dead.  The jury sure didn't buy his story."



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Sounds like the obese one is jealous Murray got to touch MJs penis while she never could. She sold those kids to a pedophile. I hope Murray exposes her more.

295 days ago


trash attacking trash

295 days ago


She's crazy, he's trying to save his own skin, and I wouldn't worry about his kids they now plenty just from when they lived in the disfunctional mansion!!! MJ was not a regular person he was strange!

295 days ago


Way to take the high road, Debbie R. Wow.

295 days ago


Debbie Rowe is another enabler in a long line of them who surrounded Micheal Jackson and got what they could out of them. She gave birth to two children and sold them, giving up the rights to them as a parent, and then expects respect from everyone. She gets absolutely none of mine.
You aren't a mother, Debbie, you are a nothing, and the fact that you are so threatened by this man tells me he has a lot more on you that you are afraid will come out.

295 days ago


Maybe there is some truth to the story, and that's why so much anger!

295 days ago


It's really telling how TMZ deleted the entire 1st page of the original comments (highly negative to her and MJ) so they could replace them with some that were more positive toward them. I thought Harvey was for the truth instead of those trying to rewrite history, - even the recent history of the initial posts. So much for equal treatment of differing points of view.

295 days ago


Post #39 is truly disturbing by YEAH, IM THAT LEAH is disturbing.. She's a rabid, psychotic, mentally unstable MJ fan.. I hope the cops trace your IP, "YEAH IM THAT LEAH".. You just made a death threat on a public forum.. and Karma K said s/he's help you kill Murray..
You two prove that MJ fans are completely off-balance and crazy. Anyone who would stick up for a man who slept with tween boys has to have several screws loose.. but to threaten to kill someone over MJ, fgs? You're crazy.

295 days ago


Wow.....unstable much? She's just giving him more power by letting his comments make her bitter and unforgiving.

295 days ago


Conrad gettin' the last laugh on all the F ed up Jacksons. I think its funny. He's right Debbie Rowe is quite ugly and a gold digger. but MJ is dead and Conrad is out tellin the truth.

295 days ago


De bbie shouldn't even bother responding to this idiot. Karma is a bitch, and he'll catch it!

295 days ago


Nobody can accuse MJ of surrounding himself with classy people. Not sure how he could make fun of someone's looks, since he walked around looking like death warmed over while he was alive, melting nose and all.

295 days ago


Rowe is a known alcoholic who guzzles Coronas like water...she's angry cause its known she never slept w Jackson,,plus those kids don't have a drop of her or MJ blood in them!! Filthy trash all...

295 days ago


I agree with Debbie. Murray is nothing but TRASH and should go back to his own country and STFU.

295 days ago


Debbie is doing her best and i have respect for her. Murray is looking for attention and money but its going to backfire and eventually someone will kick his ass..... Debbie should try to ignore the freak and keep his **** as far away from the kids as possible....

295 days ago
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