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'Family Guy'


11/25/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Brian Griffin won't get a shot at a 3rd novel ... 'cause the martini-swigging, chick-bangin' family dog DIED on "Family Guy" last night.

Brian -- who's been on the show for all 11 seasons -- was hit by a car in last night's episode ... and died from his injuries.

Stewie tried to save his pal by going back in time and preventing the accident -- but he had JUUUST taken apart his time machine, and was unable to rebuild it before Brian croaked.

Brian was replaced by a new dog, Vinnie -- voiced by "Sopranos" star Tony Sirico.

Unclear if Brian will somehow come back to life in future episodes -- but we wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Brian was a good dog. He was an Iraq war veteran. a porn director, coke addict, police dog and (of course) a passionate writer.

Brian was 7ish ... or 49ish in dog years.



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"49ish in dog years"

Is that about Old Man Harvey a few years ago?

241 days ago


I want him back! The other dog is nice but not the same... BRING BRIAN BACK!!!!!!!

241 days ago


You ****ing piece of ****s why the **** don't you put a spoiler tag you mother****ers. It shows how important for you it is to report the news first. There are people who've been on a flight all day and have been eagerly waiting to get home to watch the episode.

I hope your family members die.

241 days ago

arale norimaki    

In "Brian & Stewie", he admits to Stewie that he can't find a purpose in his life, and keeps a gun in his safety deposit box in case he ever decides to commit suicide.

In "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story", Stewie traveled to the future he learned that Brian died. Brian is seen in heaven at a table drinking martinis with Vincent van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, and Ernest Hemingway. They then all say that they killed themselves out of passion for various reasons. He then admits that he ate some chocolate out of the trash can.
One Brian from an alternate future arrived with its throat cut to cross paths with a multitude of other Brian and Stewies in "Back to the Pilot".
An "unlucky" Brian leaped to his death from a balcony at the Vegas Star Hotel as part of a suicide pact with Stewie to avoid an enforcer for a loan shark in "Roads to Vegas". Stewie however, reconsidered and failed to leap as well.

241 days ago


**** this **** ****ing ****s. WHYYYYY would these stupid ****s do this. just pay the voice actor more money and you wont have to do these dumb **** plot offense to the sopranos guy who is the new dog and ****....but how are you gonna kill off a key character....and replace him with a washed up dude from a show that had its was a good run to i "Eff's" with the ****ing sapranos but COME The **** ON.....Yall would have been better off having the Simpsons dog run away and episode and end up racing brain at the dog track.....the **** yo i feel you either killed a perfectly good show. or YOU guys are genius.....kill off a favorite character to bring him back when your ratings dip again......brilliant ****s.... what happened to that cop show fox?

241 days ago


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This can not be happening! What are they thinking killing off Brian? Guess this show will also be missing one more viewer!!

241 days ago


They will bring him back. Stewie will figure something out.

241 days ago


bring brian back....

241 days ago


Well Now I won't watch the show any....wait I didn't watch in the 1st place...Never mind!!

241 days ago


NOOOOOO! WTF are you thinking? Are you serious? You better bring Brian back and Damned quick or you're going to also be missing one viewer!!

241 days ago

Blake H    

Visit to tell Seth how you feel about Brian and, that you want him back!!

241 days ago


How sad. Even for a catoon.

241 days ago


Lois said one time he was 56 aka 8 human years @ that time. I think it was when they had New Brian.

241 days ago


He was my favorite character on the show. BRING HIMBACK!!!!!!!

241 days ago


This ranks right up there with "Omar" (the Wire) being shot by a 12 year old. Shock.....pure unadulterated SHOCK!

241 days ago
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