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Alec Baldwin


11/26/2013 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin didn't get a Cadillac Eldorado ... he didn't get a set of steak knives ... but he DID just get his ass FIRED from MSNBC.

After the actor went on ANOTHER homophobic tirade earlier this month, the news network has finally decided to cut bait on Baldwin, who hosted the poorly-rated weekly show, "Up Late with Alec Baldwin."

Sources close to the firing say the decision to axe Alec was based, in part, on his recent homophobic outbursts ... when he called a photog a "c**ksucking f*g."

Alec immediately went into damage control mode after the incident -- but it was pathetic -- with the actor trotting out a male hairdresser to vouch for his love of gay people. He also spoke at a conference and professed his platonic love of several fellas.

A rep for MSNBC called the firing "a mutual parting" ... adding, "We wish Alec all the best."

Oh, and if you don't get the opening line of this story -- just watch the clip from "Glengarry Glen Ross." It's actually his finest work.


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Why is the word "F A G" so offensive to gays. It simply means "gay". Why are they offended by a word that describes what they actually are? It is true that some people look down upon homosexuality. But if the person is already openly announcing that they are gay, why does using a different word that means the same thing offend them? It's not like saying they are stupid, mean, fat, or anything clearly negative, it simply means that they are attracted to the same sex, which they are. It's almost like the way that the word "retarded" is now considered derogatory. Retard means to slow something down, and that was a perfect description for a person who has slower mental development. But as soon as the description becomes a familiar term for what actually describes, it somehow becomes offensive. Same thing with negro. It meant nothing derogatory, until it became familiarly associated with black people and so the insanely politically correct world decided that it was somehow a bad word.

331 days ago

Tom Cavallaro    

Political Correctness Is An Enemy Of Free Speech...It Is the First Tool In The Communist Tool Bag...

if i call someone a fat fu** does this now mean i hate fat people?

327 days ago


Good riddance to the bloated egomaniac. Now go away and never show your disgusting face around here you wretched lost soul Alec.

309 days ago


I hope Alec extends his family law reform efforts and can get behind the movie Divorce Corp – – there are too many people devastated by a divorce yet there is limited support to champion change. A divorce should be simple, a divorce should be as routine as paying taxes. The prevailing attitude must be– “it’s just a divorce”. Most of us will experience a divorce; therefore, we cannot allow this system which enables corrupt judges (ex-attorneys) to devastate people and drag them through a quagmire for many years. I hope the people behind this movie have the guts to rally people and leverage their publicity to press hard for change. I have taken extreme measures to press for change, so should everyone else who has been devastated by the horrible family law system. If I can make strides, then imagine what all of us can do.
Visit my website site – I have a successful civil case against the judge who has taken 6yrs of my life from me. I am not asking for donations, or money…I will help you. You can email me at:

284 days ago
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