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Alec Baldwin


11/26/2013 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin didn't get a Cadillac Eldorado ... he didn't get a set of steak knives ... but he DID just get his ass FIRED from MSNBC.

After the actor went on ANOTHER homophobic tirade earlier this month, the news network has finally decided to cut bait on Baldwin, who hosted the poorly-rated weekly show, "Up Late with Alec Baldwin."

Sources close to the firing say the decision to axe Alec was based, in part, on his recent homophobic outbursts ... when he called a photog a "c**ksucking f*g."

Alec immediately went into damage control mode after the incident -- but it was pathetic -- with the actor trotting out a male hairdresser to vouch for his love of gay people. He also spoke at a conference and professed his platonic love of several fellas.

A rep for MSNBC called the firing "a mutual parting" ... adding, "We wish Alec all the best."

Oh, and if you don't get the opening line of this story -- just watch the clip from "Glengarry Glen Ross." It's actually his finest work.


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Now Alec has time for a reality show.

The one I've been praying for.

Chasing Paps and Stalkers...

All OVER the streets of NYC...

331 days ago


Not into homophobic slurs or behaviors of any kind.

Left a previous Church because of their stance on this.

That aside - you can't expect a guy to succeed.

When you PUT his show on and at 3:35 a.m.

He's an interesting dude - but for God's sake, NBC...

Get him on when people are actually UP.

331 days ago


The true reason for the firing was it was a crappy show, but they use his comments as an excuse. I don't like baldwin, but he is entitled to his opinion and I have heard gay people speak worse things about strait Christians.

331 days ago


He needs some serious anger management classes; he is the one who is touched.

331 days ago


Why is the word ffaaggoott in the dictionary if you can't use it?

331 days ago


Couldn't have happend to a more deserving person. Take Bashir with you.

331 days ago

Suzie Nelson    

Good...not the first time he has gone on a racist/homophobic rant.

331 days ago

There's a problem here    

Who would think even for a minute that he didn't say ccoksucker and f@g? I'm no fan of cut and paste, but here are a few excerpts of Alec's greatest hits to his then 11 year old daughter:

"I'm tired of playing this game with you. I'm leaving this message with you to tell you you have insulted me for the last time. You have insulted me. You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass ..."

..."I am going to get on a plane and I am going to come out there for the day and I am going to straighten your ass out when I see you."

"Do you understand me? I'm going to really make sure you get it. Then I'm going to get on a plane and I'm going to turn around and come home. So you'd better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me. So I'm going to let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, OK?"
'Nuff said.

331 days ago


well i hope that they also fire martin bashir for that nasty remark he made about Palin (who I can't stand, either, but still)

331 days ago


Has anyone check to see if the photog was a c**ksucking f*g." ? Alec may have been correct.

And if the photog is insulted by being called a gay man who sucks c**k wouldn't that make the photog a homophobe himself?

331 days ago


Well, that's one self-important, foul-mouthed, self-entitled, belligerent, only mildly talented
individual, who needed some sort of lesson,
to straighten his thinking. Sadly, he'll probably
make money, off of the firing.

331 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Bella: Congratulations, for making one of the most honest statements EVER, at TMZ.Com.
Be sure to add Native-Americans, Latino-Americans, and
Pacific Islander-Americans to your list of "OK to condemn/belittle/insult".
By-the-way, how many people named Bashir, Gupta,
or Amanapour were on The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria?

True Justice, -confirmed- Divine Justice is SERVED:
The 2013 Sentence

331 days ago


Heaven forbid someone exercise their freedom of speech. I don't agree with his take on homosexuality, but support his right to blather whatever he wants. This PC business has really gone over the top.

331 days ago


Finally, a celeb getting what he deserves. Hear that, Bieber?

331 days ago


HA HA HA HA serves him right. What an ass.

331 days ago
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