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Ashton Kutcher

The Great Paparazzi Diversion

Are You Hiding Pregnant Mila Kunis??

11/26/2013 9:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher got aggressive with the paparazzi outside of a popular restaurant on Melrose Ave. last night -- but the whole tough guy act may have just been a cover to keep his allegedly pregnant girlfriend away from cameras.

Ashton and Mila Kunis were eating dinner at Carlitos Gardel Restaurant in Hollywood -- great Argentinian food -- and it also happens to be smack in the middle of a heavily-trafficked celeb sighting area.

So, the paps (not TMZ) were surprised when Ashton emerged from the restaurant and tried to strong-arm the photogs into leaving the scene.

During the confrontation, one of Ashton's associates can be seen in the background quickly escorting Mila into Kutcher's ride ... as if they're trying to slip past the cameras.

And why would she want to go under the radar? There are rumors that Mila's knocked up ... and photos of the actress could fetch top dollar around town.

FYI -- Mila was wearing a baggy shirt and baggy jeans. So, the mystery remains.



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If you thought that Seth Rogen and James Franco perfected their parody of Bound 2, you HAVE to see this side by side video comparing the two. Soooo funny!!!

301 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lmao. what? are they 'afraid' for all the millions of suicidally in love chicks who are going to be found hanging tomorrow, when they 'discover' or find out ashton is taken and with another woman? isn't that what all of hollywood's secrets are all about? get real you idiots.

301 days ago


Compared to other celebs who get annoyed at times with paps , I wouldn't call this a "tough guy" act at all. Get lost repeated over and over actually had me cracking up.

301 days ago


I can see her belly in the still and she looks pregnant to me. Is he divorced from Demi?

301 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, i meant to prelude that with: why such secrecy? why all the sneaking and creepin????

301 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Of course she's not pregnant. They are just sick and tired of being hounded by photographers who set off flash bulbs in their face, take dozens of photos, then sell the most embarrassing, intrusive ones to people like you.
Yes, people like Mila Kunis hate you. THAT's why she's doing this.

301 days ago


What a cool couple....hint to pap's this couple are not interested in getting their pic's taken, they are not famewhores!!

301 days ago


Ashton just made it bad on both of them because now the photogs will really be after them! Dumb move Ashton!

301 days ago


I don't care about these people at all but paparazzi really are s*** of the earth it appears...

301 days ago


She can't be pregnant. They're not married. Duh!

301 days ago

Mrs DB    

Leave them alone geeze. I get they are celebs but seriously. There is a point where enough is enough

301 days ago


If Mila was really pregnant and trying to keep it a secret, why go to a restaurant in the heart of paparazzi-ville. Even if it has great food, so do a lot of other restaurants.

301 days ago


Another b@stard child fighting off bullies later in life. Wonder what silly celebrity name they'll come up with; Scout, Rumer and Tallulah are already taken. Same with Apple, Inspector Pilot, Maxwell (girl), Bronx (oy), Egypt (RME), Fifi Trixibelle, Kyd (they wanted a lil goat), Ocean, Blanket, Blue Ivy, Jermajesty (WTF?) ...and the original: Moon Unit.

Oh to be rich and self indulgent.

301 days ago

I won't grow up    

If you don't want to be photographed, don't hang out where so called celebs hang out, or stay the hell home and have some hamburger helper like the rest of us.

301 days ago


Mila. Is so ugly.

301 days ago
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