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George Zimmerman

Deputies Find Gun Stockpile

11/26/2013 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

George Zimmerman was well armed last week when he was arrested for domestic violence ... according to Seminole County Sheriff's deputies who got a warrant to search the home Zimmerman shared with his girlfriend.

According to law enforcement,  Zimmerman had stockpiled five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition ... including the 12-gauge shotgun his GF, Samantha Scheibe, claims he used to threaten her ... by shoving it in her face.

The search warrant ... obtained by TMZ .. shows in addition to the Kel-Tec shotgun, Zimmerman also owned an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle and three handguns.

Deputies also confiscated a pocket knife and a religious pendant.

Zimmerman is currently free on $9,000 bail ...  his whereabouts are unknown.



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Legally purchased firearms don't suddenly become illegal or sinister just because there are five of them.

298 days ago


Liberal media strikes again.

298 days ago


And the character assassination train rages on....

298 days ago

Real n the field    

Lets analyze things a bit shall we.
Okay, most gun owners are White People right?
they buy guns in the millions and by the droves
is it because of "fear" of blacks attacking them from all the
Wrong they have done in the last 400 plus years in AMERIKKKA.?

the numbers dont lie.

If anybody should be in fear, is non whites.

There the ones that have been brutally attacked , and murdered by whites 1000% to 1 for the last 400 plus years.
There has never been in recorded history of the united states of AMERIKKKA, a mob of blacks attacking white townships!..never.
(other than slaves uprising).

But there definitely has been the opposite..and it hasn't been just once, or twice, but many many times.
with no prosecution against the white mobs.

So my question is, why so much fear?
why so many guns?
is karma on white folks mind?

Remember what Jesus said
"He who lives by the sword, shall perish by the sword"
"Thou Shall not Kill".
Jesus is not playing..don't be fooled.
If the United States Judicial System is not playing when it comes to murder, how much more so do you think Jesus is?
Food for thought.
Have a nice day.

298 days ago


Batman has more guns than that.

The state is now confiscating religious pendants?

298 days ago

Dug Rown    

STOCKPILE? a 100 rounds of ammo? Um, wow. If someone owns a gun and doesn't have AT least 100 rounds of ammo, their gun should be removed. A gun without ammo is a club or a hammer. 100 rounds of ammo is about 20 min at the range taking your time. This woman is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame, on George's back, no more no less. Is George innocent? Depends on what you mean, but he certainly should be doing a MUCH better job at stating the hell away from trouble. If he had half a brain he would move to the midwest and disappear from the public eye for, oh I don't know, forever! If Saturday night live is going to do a skit on you, it's too late to do anything but disappear.

298 days ago


I wouldn't call 5 guns and 100 rounds of ammo a "stockpile!"

298 days ago


The government is confiscating religious pendants and Obama is closing the Vatican Embassy. When Nostradamus wrote about Hister he meant Obama.

298 days ago

Suzy Q     

The Zimmerman family is on overdrive setting up screen names and posting pro Georgie propaganda everywhere! Its hilarious!

Have you ever noticed that any screen name with the word "truth" in it is never even close to the truth?

Crackpots and liars always like to manipulate. It's Hilaaaaaarious!

298 days ago


Im so tired of this anti gun agenda being carried out by virtually all media. There is a globalist takeover occurring in this country and they desperately need to disarm the people to setup their police state. For many of you who don't know, guns are in fact LEGAL. Many people are now. Completely unaware of that. Also, five guns IS NOT a stockpile and 100 rounds of ammunition is nothing. That's a small amount of ammo. Most people blow thru that amount during target practice. Please don't let these criminal politicians do your thinking for you and resist the ridiculous main stream news narrative. The second amendment is to ensure that the people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government and for any of those not paying attention, we're pretty much at that point. The police have been militarized and the big banks along with many of the top politicians have robbed this country of its wealth.

298 days ago


Since when is 5 firearms a stockpile?!?!?! And 100 rounds would barely last an hour or two at the range...

298 days ago


5 guns is a stock pile? i wonder what they would call my basement

298 days ago


I bet the pendant is St Jude, the patron saints of lost causes. BWAHAHA

298 days ago


What about the pack of gum they found tmz left that out thats important evidence

298 days ago


Don't you love how the 'black community' only gets involved with a black person is murdered by a non-black? Yet every freaking day in every city throughout the U.S, blacks are killing blacks at ALARMING rates. No, let's forget about THOSE murders. Let's only focus on that one kid that would have probably been shot ANYWAYS by his own. Freakin hypocrites.

298 days ago
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