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Marc Anthony's Ex

JLo Gets Child Support

I Got a Crappy Valley Apt!

11/26/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Marc Anthony's ex-wife claims the singer has turned a cold shoulder on her children ... forcing them to sell their home and move into a hovel in the Valley ... while he lives like a king -- and to add insult to injury, he pays the very rich Jennifer Lopez a ton of child support ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Dayanara Torres -- the 1993 Miss Universe -- wants a huge increase in child support -- from $13K per month for their 2 sons, to $113K a month.  It's an enormous increase, but she says it's a drop in the bucket for Marc -- who this year boasted he makes $1.25 mil a month -- MINIMUM.

It's especially infuriating for Dayanara, who claims Marc played the poverty card during their divorce, claiming he had such money trouble he had to sell his private island and let some of his staff go.  Now get this ... the week the divorce became final, she says he bought JLo a $4 MILLION RING!

Dayanara says Marc goes weeks and even months without seeing their boys, one of whom has special needs.  She mentions one instance where he told the boys he couldn't visit because of work, but then they saw him on TV cavorting on a beach with JLo.  They were devastated.

Dayanara gives Marc backhanded credit for giving the kids lavish gifts.  For example, last XMAS he sent them 4 huge boxes of toys, including an extravagant Lego set.  But she says their apartment is so small they have no space to play with them.

She also grouses that Marc actually PAYS JLO child support, and a lot of it -- way more than she gets.


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Joey Jr    

Cheers to all the idiots that support these losers ...this is Royal America right here ... all the money in the world can't buy a good father ... don't understand why we give people like this all our money well we sit poor, shame on him for being a bad father , shame on us for supporting it

339 days ago

Joey Jr    

not sure why everyone is coming down on the mom ... I would want my kids to have their fair share to ... how would you feel if it was your kids watching their rich father party and have fun well they sit with out ... if he didn't want to pay he could have wore a condom

339 days ago


Sounds like a jealous shrew to me.....

339 days ago


Why is everyone being so judgemental ? He should be paying the same amount to her he's paying Jennifer, her order would have actually came first so not sure how it wasn't adjusted when he started making more money. Also, if he doesn't see the kids then that's obviously another issue here.

339 days ago


There are fathers that do this every day who are not famous. Don't have a baby with an *******. 13k is also a lot of money and not sure what things r like in the States but here in Canada a single mom with special needs children can get some grants from ghe government. Sounds like she found out how much he's giving jlo and got mad. Fair enough but come on lady if he wasn't a celeb u would be screwed

339 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This slag can't live on $13K a month TAX FREE??
How many of you people out there would like to live on $156,000 a year TAX FREE???

339 days ago


What do these girls see in him???? He's Not good looking!!!

339 days ago


So go into court and change the order. Men and women can do it themselves. He will show his income and expense report. Get a grip.

339 days ago

August Baby 77    

I particularly do not like JLo at all..she is nothing but a cheat and has screwed around on every boyfriend/ husband she has had but she cries poor me if it happens to her...that being said im sure they had an ironclad pre-nup and she has the money to sue for that kind of child support. If hes paying this other womens expenses on top of spousal and child support then she needs to stop being so greedy..just cause hes a dead-beat dad who doesnt see his kids doesnt mean u should go after him for more support...get over yourself and do your modeling thing and help support your kids instead of him being the only one

339 days ago


All of his kids living in California are entitled to the same standard of living and he will find that out.

339 days ago


I too struggle to see how she's forced into a tiny apartment with 13k/month in child support, but I won't rush to judgment without knowing the nature of her son's special needs. I have a 3.5 year old with moderate cerebral palsy (she's not cognitively impaired but walks with braces and struggles with speech) and we spend almost every dime beyond our basic needs to get her the extra therapy, equipment etc that our insurance doesn't cover. And believe me, 4x a week therapy, 1-2 doctors appointments per week, part time pre-school and a healthy 1 year old don't make for a lot of freedom for me to "get a job". I can't imagine doing it all without a supportive husband. And seriously, why the eff is rich-as-hell JLo getting more child support for the same number of children (both healthy) than his ex? Better lawyer? That really sucks.

339 days ago


If this woman can't live on $13,000 a month, she needs a few budgeting lessons . . . either that, or she's just plain greedy. Have you considered gainful employment?

339 days ago


The more I read about this guy, the less I like him. Take care of your kids, MA! If he's make $1M a MONTH, then he should pay a lot more for his first two children.

339 days ago


Damm MarC'mon man, don’t make me stop buying your jean up at Kohl’….I still can’t imagine how it be without seen my kids and these mofo's have them left and right and all they give is extravagant gifts to TRY to fill that void in the kids life... If you got kids be a MAN and be responsible..

339 days ago


I knew she wasn't the smartest tool in the shed when they got divorced. She atually signed a confidentiality agreement so that she could never speak out against him. That was just DUMB. She shouldn't have signed s**t and he'd STILL owe her alimony and palimony. Duh, Dayanara. I do agree that all the kids should receive equal payments, though. Fair is fair. And for the record, you just don't rake in a MILLION per month!! Damn! No shade here. I think Marc Anthony is an amazing singer.

339 days ago
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