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Marc Anthony's Ex

JLo Gets Child Support

I Got a Crappy Valley Apt!

11/26/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Marc Anthony's ex-wife claims the singer has turned a cold shoulder on her children ... forcing them to sell their home and move into a hovel in the Valley ... while he lives like a king -- and to add insult to injury, he pays the very rich Jennifer Lopez a ton of child support ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Dayanara Torres -- the 1993 Miss Universe -- wants a huge increase in child support -- from $13K per month for their 2 sons, to $113K a month.  It's an enormous increase, but she says it's a drop in the bucket for Marc -- who this year boasted he makes $1.25 mil a month -- MINIMUM.

It's especially infuriating for Dayanara, who claims Marc played the poverty card during their divorce, claiming he had such money trouble he had to sell his private island and let some of his staff go.  Now get this ... the week the divorce became final, she says he bought JLo a $4 MILLION RING!

Dayanara says Marc goes weeks and even months without seeing their boys, one of whom has special needs.  She mentions one instance where he told the boys he couldn't visit because of work, but then they saw him on TV cavorting on a beach with JLo.  They were devastated.

Dayanara gives Marc backhanded credit for giving the kids lavish gifts.  For example, last XMAS he sent them 4 huge boxes of toys, including an extravagant Lego set.  But she says their apartment is so small they have no space to play with them.

She also grouses that Marc actually PAYS JLO child support, and a lot of it -- way more than she gets.


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The problem with 30k earning 20-somethings commenting on this story is that they're picturing how easy it should be to live off of 156k per year, when the fact is that that's not really the point. I'm not sure how she spends her money. Maybe there is a lot of debt. Maybe health care expenses are out of control. Maybe she owes 5 figures in legal fees that she's trying to dig out of. Maybe she's just plain irresponsible. I don't know. But what I do know is that what he's paying for these 2 kids is the equivalent of a 50k earning parent paying out $42 per month to 2 children that they don't help raise whatsoever. And - for better or worse - that's not how child support was designed to work.

330 days ago


The kids were devastated because they learned it from their mother. I can't stand when people drag their kids into their drama.

330 days ago


LMAO!!!! 13 k a month is PLENTY of cash to survive on. How much he has and what he does is HIS business. A lot of women need to stop complaining and just get on with their lives. If she wants more money go out and work for it.

330 days ago

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330 days ago


She must have agreed to the amount and the courts should not change it. She could get a bigger apartment with what she gets. She's just a greedy cow wanting more money. Marc could voluntarily give her another $10K a month and that would be more than enough.

330 days ago


Why am I the only person who thinks a man should pay the same amount for all of his children? Whether its a dime or a million it's got to hurt when a kid realizes that daddy treats his newer kids better than you.

330 days ago


She lives in a "hovel"? 13K a month?

330 days ago


This man **** her career and did not allowed her to work. Now it has been difficult for her to go back to work , with her special need kid. She to asked for the highest amount to actually get something a little less at the time of negotiation. I am glad she took the stand for her kids and finally told the true about Marck Anthony who even cheated on her with JLO and he is paying more child support for her kids who are younger than Dayanara's kids. People need to know the bad things he did to her and JLO help Marck to do that to her too. The contract that Marck and JLO forced her to sign is over, so finally she can speak the true. She is not a lazy woman and she wrote a book and even was part of the TV show called Watch Over me. She is not a Gold Digger. Good for her!

330 days ago



330 days ago


And how would he be making 1.25 mil a month these days? He has not done anything in years.

330 days ago


Though I fully agree that she should be entitled to more child support since the father is a multi-millionaire, I find it very hard to believe that she can't afford a better place to live. 2 months of her child support is more than what I make in a year, including my child support. Apparently, she also gets $3000 a month in alimoney and whatever she makes working. That's almost $20000 a month. I'm sure she could find a decent place to live and pay bills with that much money.
I believe she wants more money so her children can have the same lifestyle as the other children, which is as it should be, those children came first.

330 days ago


But JLo really needs the child support plus all the other money she can get as a hedge against the inevitable moment the public finally discovers she has absolutely no talent.

330 days ago


If Dayanara really said all that, it just proved once again that she did not care about her children. No child wants to read such things about their father. Moreover, here there are obvious lies. It is not true that he does not see the children unless he is on tour. Even when is on tour, he take them with him. This summer they were a month with him. Marc and Jennifer have not divorced - for what kind of support we talk then? This is simply not true. Why does it not say that he pays everything literally all costs of the children, + child support 13K + 3,500 alimony for her.

330 days ago


I'd be pissed too. As a mother, to see the father pay so much more to two of children in support is a really rotten thing to do. And if he is really worth that much right now, she has every right to go back to court and get the amount of support recalculated based on his income and what he is paying for his other kids. The fact that the other kids mother is the woman he cheated on his wife with, and who herself is worth millions is just rubbing salt in the wound. I hope her kids get their fair share.

330 days ago

Amanda Dunn    

This completely infuriates me. You can't live off of $1560...00 a year? Families completely working their asses off support their children for MUCH less every year. I want to drive over to her Valley "hovel" and karate chop her in the throat.

330 days ago
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