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Paris Jackson

Doing Better BUT

Not Out of Woods By Long Shot

11/26/2013 11:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson is doing better as she remains ensconced in a Utah boarding school ... but we're told she's riddled with so many problems she could be there "for years."

We've learned Paris had a family therapy session this morning with Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson.  We're told Debbie and Katherine were on the phone, while Paris was with her therapist at the facility.

Sources say Paris may get a pass to come home for a few days in January, and Katherine is redoing Paris' room for the homecoming.

But the homecoming will be short-lived.  Our sources say the boarding school will be home for a long time, very possibly "years."



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Why should anyone be surprised that she is having problems? The surprise would be if she didn't.

330 days ago


A boarding school eh? I feel sorry for MJ's kids. They were raised by a very eccentric man. And now that he is gone they have had to deal with his money grubbing family. Being away from them may be just what she needs. Hopefully her brothers arent effected in the same way. Bless them all and keep them for family greed.

330 days ago


Her problems are the greedy Jacksons. They are all living off the kids money. I wish Paris well and when she becomes of age I hope she cuts the Jackson's out just like her dad did. Prayers for you Paris, we all wish you well. You are beautiful.

330 days ago


Well..happy now?

330 days ago


shes much more beautiful with long hair

330 days ago


What is this, now we are calling asylums boarding schools.

330 days ago


in other words....she has been committed...

330 days ago


maybe she needs it maybe she's just being set up to be judged as incapable to manage her money when she hits the age where she'd get control of it...

330 days ago


Paris is a beautiful, intelligent, sensitive young girl who needs a cushion from the family dysfunction.

330 days ago


The media just can't back off and leave people alone. If there wasn't such a bounty on their photos and any gossip someone passes along we would all be better off. I can live the rest of my life without hearing about a stars children or the star.

330 days ago

Leo F    

No way in hell either kid is a descendent of MJ, I'm thinking her problems are "keeping her in the limelight"

330 days ago


Why the attack on Michael. He did a pretty good job of protecting his children from the media, in fact a excellent job. It appears to me that her grandmother and mother really care about her and not the money. The rest of the family is another question especially Joe Jackson. I think he was the cause of a lot of Michael's problems. Who really knows what type of abuse he inflicted on him.

Concerning stories and photographs of Michael's children as well as other children famous or not. It should be against the law to photograph and publish stories about them without their permission and their guardians permission. The punishment should include both monetary and jail time. Leave Paris and all famous children alone. For those who demand this type of information I can only say; "Get a Life."

330 days ago


Debbie Rowe is under an agreement with MJ’s Estate to not discuss Michael’s children. WHO
in the Jackson family disclosed this confidential location and medical output of a minor child to TMZ? Hopefully that Jackson family member will be legally reprimanded. First and foremost, when Paris turns 18 years old she can leave rehab whenever she wants. She cannot be held in any hospital or rehab against her will unless by court order that 2 doctors do***ent that she is a harm to herself. MOST important the rehab she’s in now isn’t going to release her because they know she can afford to stay there as long as they continue to do***ent that she can’t be released yet. The psych’s & counselor’s at that rehab are paid by the owners of the rehab corporation for profit. They are not individually being paid directly by Paris Jackson. It’s a known fact in the medical industry when you don’t get results from your psych within 6 months, it’s time to find another psych who actually cares about their patient and not milk their patience for money.

330 days ago

BB not bb    

I feel bad for her. Her family meeting consited of people who basically have no say over her life. Where was her jailor, the cousin that fought to get guardianship over her and then bought a house and moved away? She is not mourning herself into insanity, she has a creepy cousin who is controlling her life and money and doesn't care about her. That is what is wrong.

Everything was fine with her until he came into the picture. Everyone said what a great guy he was, but he was just the good cop in the good cop bad cop scenario of the Jackson family quest to get Michael's estate under their control.

I am scared that they are just keeping her on psych meds until they zombifiy her completely. She will lose her looks and personality and intelligence the longer she is on them. That is what those drugs do, turn you into a piece of human garbage like those who want people on them think of their victims.

I wish a decent family could have had control of those kids instead.

330 days ago

el polacko anyone really suprised that these kids have mental issues ? they were adopted by a child-molesting, body-altering, propophyl-injecting freak.

330 days ago
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